Little Me

Little Mix are grown and they have children and husbands. But are still performers. What happens when Jade's daughter, Jasmine, finds out who she really is? Find out in... This story!


4. Chapter 2- Jasmine

I walked down the hall with my best friend, Lauren. We heard some people laughing and rooting for Tommy. obviously Paisley was being beaten up. I know, you're probably thinking that i should go help her. But I can't. You see I'm dating Tommy and he's very abusive to me. And if I ever told anyone then I would get hurt more. He has already raped me... twice. I know I should tell. But he loves me. And he shows it to me. As soon as the bell rang, though, people scrambled away. Rushing to get home. But Paisley stayed behind. I know why she does this. I promised i wouldn't tell. And even though I'm not her best friend, she tells me everything. The only reason is... I saved her....




This chapter was horrible!!!! Sorry but I'm just really tired and my head hurts........ :/

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