He follows me. He's obsessed with my every move. Those angered green eyes popping up everywhere. I can't hide. He Will Find Me (I know there arn't many favorites or readers now, but just take a chance on me a read it and favorite it for a while and see where the story goes. I would appreciate it a lot)


6. Preparing...

Alex's POV:

I got up, immediately regretting ever waking up.

"Come on Alex. I'm not letting you skip. Get up and shower so I can shower too!" Cameron yelled through the door. I groaned as I got up and did my normal stretches. I lazily walked to my bathroom in my bedroom and turned on the faucet. I undressed and waited about two minutes before the water heated up. I climbed into the shower and washed all of my body.

Once I was out of the shower and dried off, I looked at myself in the mirror. I had an okay body. I had a butt from running and nice hips from my mother I guess. I sighed and moved on to my closet. I grabbed out my floral dress with a ruffle on the bust, and spaghetti straps. I threw it on, and sat down at my vanity to do my make-up.

I put on a little concealer, and light foundation with a little mascara. Once I was finished I grabbed my black combat boots and white socks and headed to the kitchen.

"Are you almost ready Cameron?" I yelled.

"Yeah. Give me like 10 more minutes!"

I sighed and walked over to my phone which was on the charger. I had a text message from my best guy friend, Louis. And yes, I mean Louis Tomlinson. We met in elementary school, and once we found out we had the same last name, we were inseparable.

From BooBear:

Hey! I was wondering if you would want to get together tonight? Catch up and stuff(: let me know. I miss ya!

I smiled once I read it.

"Well well well, what do we have here? Alex. Smiling for a text?! Who is it from?!"

"Louis." I said smiling.

"Ohh," she laughed, "That's so cute. Ya know, you and him would actually make a cute couple?" She said while putting on her shoes.

"So I've heard before." I finished with a laugh.

"Oh, do you like him?" She asked.

"This isn't middle school Cameron! But in high school I liked him. A lot actually, but I never thought he would like me."

"Uh huh, sure. Lou would NEVER like you." She replied sarcastically.

"Alright well are you ready to go?" I asked.

"Yeah are you?"

"Yeah just let me brush my teeth and well be ready to go." I said.

*Skip car ride*

As Cameron and I turned to corner to the coffee shop, our giggling stopped. There he sat. Ten feet away from me.

"I can't do this." I said started to sweat.

"Yes you can. I'm right here." Cam was trying to provide comfort, but nothing could help me right now. She began to push me against my will into the coffee shop. Once the bell on the door rang, Harry turned around, and smiled genuinely.

"How are you two ladies doing today?"


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