He follows me. He's obsessed with my every move. Those angered green eyes popping up everywhere. I can't hide. He Will Find Me (I know there arn't many favorites or readers now, but just take a chance on me a read it and favorite it for a while and see where the story goes. I would appreciate it a lot)


4. Meeting It

Alex's POV:


I excitedly skipped into the coffee shop after a quick 10 minute walk to the site. I racked my brain for what CatLoverXx16 said he would he wearing.... "Green Beanie and a white t shirt. Black skinny jeans."

I scanned the room and found the back of a head with a green beanie. I felt as if I were glued to the floor. This is it. I finally get to meet him.

I casually walked to the side of the table and pulled a chair out and sat down.

I was then met with the most enchanting green eyes I have ever seen. He smiled so hereafter and opened his mouth. It was moving but I wasn't listening. I was scanning his body. He had tattoos, but he was quite attractive.

"Ya know, RunningGirl, I like to get to know someone before they undress me with their eyes." He said with a smirk. A heat flourished on my face and I smiled politely.

I laughed nervously before continuing,"I'm sorry. I'm just so happy to finally meet you." I said quickly. He laughed a rusty laugh and replied.

"It's nice to finally meet you too. After searc- I mean, wondering for so long, I'm happy to find out your face is even prettier from the front."

I giggled completely taken back by the hottie saying I'm pretty. "I'm sorry, what's your name?" I asked politely.

"Harry Styles. And you are....?"

"Alex. It's nice to finally meet you. So! Tell me about yourself. Do you go to a college around here?"

"Uh, yeah! I'm in the culinary arts school. I'm majoring in cooking and photography. What about you Miss. Alex?" We both laughed at his joke.

"Uh, yeah I go to a college around here. I'm majoring in physical health and art."

"Oh, so you enjoy drawing and stuff?"


"I like the arts, but I am in no way capable of drawing with my hands. I have to use other things, and their beauty. I take the picture at the right moment."

"Do you think sometime I could possibly see some of your photographs?" I asked.

"Yeah sure, but only if I can see your drawings." He replied while sticking his hand out in agreement. I shook it accepting his compromise.

"Well this has been fun, but I have class in..." I checked my watch "... 30 minutes! And here is my number so we don't need Facebook anymore. Text me whenever! Bye Harry!" I waved goodbye as I trotted out of the shop with my coffee.

He couldn't be so bad. Right?


Let me know if u want longer chapters but left updates or shorter chapters and more updates!

I love you all. Comment for chapters(:


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