He follows me. He's obsessed with my every move. Those angered green eyes popping up everywhere. I can't hide. He Will Find Me (I know there arn't many favorites or readers now, but just take a chance on me a read it and favorite it for a while and see where the story goes. I would appreciate it a lot)


3. Explaining

Before I go on, I need to introduce myself. I'm not up for a formal greeting right now though, so you'll just have to live with the basics.

My name is Alexandra Tomlinson. People call me Alex though. And before you ask, no. I am in no way related to Louis Tomlinson. Completely different people. I am 5' 6" with brown curly hair and light blue eyes. I enjoy running, cooking, and drawing.

Now in order for me to tell you this story, you need to know that back story. So here it goes.


My phone buzzed causing me to jump at the sudden sound. I immediately giggled at my childish response to a Facebook direct message. I smiled at the username "CatLoverXx16".

This boy and I have been chatting back and forth now for the past few months. I've told him a lot about myself and he's told a lot about himself too. His profile picture is a photo of a man staring at a sunset, so I don't know what he fully looks like.

From CatLoverXx16:

Hey! How was ur day?

I smiled and replied as quick as my thumbs could type.

From RunningGirl:

Great! How about u sir?

I asked as a joke. He won't tell me his name. And I won't tell him mine.

From CatLoverXx16:

Quite awful, but knowing I get to message you after made me get through it(: I have a question btw.

I giggled silently to myself, which earned me a glare from the librarian in my schools library.

From RunningGirl:

Ask away!

From CatLoverXx16:

Would u ever want to meet? I just don't want u thinking I'm some creep from the internet trying to rape you or something. We could meet tomorrow at the coffee shop off of Wyola Lane. Its crowded so there is no way I could be a creep...

I quickly received shivers going up my spine, and butterflies in my stomach. I hastily typed my response.

From RunningGirl:

Uh, yeah sure. I just really want to get to know the boy behind the screen. How about we meet at 12? And what will u be wearing btw, so I know who to talk to.

From CatLoverXx16:

Sounds great! And I'll be wearing a green beanie and a white t-shirt. Black skinny jeans. Wbu?

I thought for a second before reciprocating an answer.

From RunningGirl:

Nice to hear u have a great sense if style (;

Lol. But I'll be wearing a light blue cross country t shirt with white skinny jeans and converse. See u then?

From CatLoverXx16:

See you then, love(;

*end of flashback*

I only wish I hadn't said yes. This way I wouldn't be caught up in the mess. Constantly worrying. Scared. I just hope you soon realize what he's done. Once I get to it.


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