He follows me. He's obsessed with my every move. Those angered green eyes popping up everywhere. I can't hide. He Will Find Me (I know there arn't many favorites or readers now, but just take a chance on me a read it and favorite it for a while and see where the story goes. I would appreciate it a lot)


5. Bad Memories

His rough hands slid up my thighs. He turned me around, only to see his devilish smirk. I started to scream, but the duct tape was blocking any sound from escaping my dry mouth. I started to squirm but the rope was cutting deeper and deeper everytime I moved.

"No, no honey. Your not escaping again this time." He said while crawling on top of me.

A tear escaped as I closed my eyes, not wanting to see or be there for what he would do next.

I woke up screaming and crying, not able to breathe.

"ALEX ARE YOU OKAY?!" My roommate Cameron asked while barging into my room.

All I could do was cry.

"Another Harry dream?" She asked while sitting across from me on my bed. I nodded while wiping my eye.

"Al, you can't keep living in fear. You have to do something. Here..." She grabbed my phone off of the nightstand. Her thumbs moved a few times on the screen and the. Handed me my phone with Harry in the messaging area.

"Send him a text. Asking him to meet maybe? But just somewhere public. I can go with you if you want." Cameron said.

"B-but what if he does what he did last time?"


"That was a great date!" Harry exclaimed while finishing off his laugh.

I climbed the three stairs up to my front door then replied, "I completely agree." I flashed him a smile and began to unlock my door. Harry placed his soft hands on top of mine before I could open my door. He grabbed my hands lightly, and placed then around his waist. His green eyes reflecting off the the porch light. He smiled before closing his eyes and leaning in.

He kissed me. But after a few seconds his hands traveled more south. I pulled away from the kiss.

"No Harry. Not tonight." He he wouldn't listen.

"Harry no!" I said again. He began to push me into my house.

"HARRY NO!" I yelled again. I kept saying it over and over. He kept pushing me further and further into my dark house.


*End Flashback*

"It's good you had me as a roommate to knock the shit out of him with the lamp." Cam said with a wink. She pressed send for me.

"Now go back to sleep. Your okay, but you have a big day tomorrow. Meeting Harry and all." She said, "Goodnight Alex."


She turned off my light and closed the door with a click. I placed my phone on the nightstand, and laid down. Right as I got comfortable, my phone buzzed.

From Harry:

I would love to meet you. Ur friend can come too. How does the mall sound? Great. I'll meet you at the food court at 12:00. See you then(;

I placed my phone down and started to feel my heart race. I'm meeting him. I'm meeting him tomorrow.

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