Superman (Louis Tomlinson)

I am tired of everyone telling me what to do. All these rumors about me being gay is tearing me apart. I just can't handle it anymore. I want to find someone who I can call mine without them just wanting me for the fame or the money. Why can't I find someone? I closed my eyes and heard a sweet soft voice singing. I opened my eyes and crept towards my door. I looked through the crack to see the most beautiful girl ever in my sisters bedroom singing. I want to know her. I want her to be mine.


5. Rumors and Feels.

Louis's POV:

As I got out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around my waist I heard some commotion outside the door. I opened it to see some girl I had never met before and my sister with a camera. The girl tackled me to the floor and my sister took a picture. After the picture was taken they both ran leaving me on the floor confused. After I put a pair of shorts on I heard someone knocking on my bedroom door. 

"Come in." I said sitting down.

Harry walked in out of breath. He looked like he had just seen a ghost. This made me really worried. He held up his phone towards me. I looked at him confused. Then my eyes lite up at the sight of the picture. Under the picture I read the words "Louis Tomlinson will fuck anything with legs." I felt a burst of anger explode inside of me. 

"What's going on Lou?!" Harry asked finally catching his breath.

"My sister took that picture." I growled.

"Who's that girl?"

"I have no fucking idea!" I was so pissed off. I knew why she took this picture. She was hoping to get Ash to hate me. There wasn't anything even going on between us. Why would she want to do such a thing?! I felt my hand go through the dry wall. Harry's eyes lite up when I pulled it back out and blood started dripping down. 

"Mate..." He muttered. 

I listened closely and heard Ashlyn's voice. I also heard my sister's voice. They were getting louder so I knew they were coming to my room. I heard the door open. Harry turned towards them while I stared at my hand and the wall. 

"He's a mess. I told you." Lottie mocked.

"Did you get that pic?" Harry asked Ash.

She nodded because I heard no words.

"It's all lies..." Harry began.

"Lies?! Bull shit Harold!" Lottie protested.

"Shut up Lottie!" Harry yelled. "Louis isn't the kind of guy to have sex with a bunch of girls. He only does it with ones he cares for!" 

"Don't think you know him better than his own sister!" She growled.

"Shut up..." I mumbled.

"What?!" She growled.

"I said SHUT UP!" I turned towards them with anger in my eyes. "I'm tired of your shit! You only did that because Ash came and talked to me! It's not my fault that you don't know how to shut up about you stupid boyfriend and take other people's feelings before your own!" I growled. 

"You are so naive!" She hissed. "She doesn't want to be your friend! She likes you idiot!" 

Everything went quiet. I looked at Ash as her face went bright red before she ran out. Lottie had a smug grin on her face before she walked out of the room. 

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