Superman (Louis Tomlinson)

I am tired of everyone telling me what to do. All these rumors about me being gay is tearing me apart. I just can't handle it anymore. I want to find someone who I can call mine without them just wanting me for the fame or the money. Why can't I find someone? I closed my eyes and heard a sweet soft voice singing. I opened my eyes and crept towards my door. I looked through the crack to see the most beautiful girl ever in my sisters bedroom singing. I want to know her. I want her to be mine.


4. Nightly Pleasure.

Louis's POV:

I laid in bed really needing to take a leak. I stared up at the ceiling debating if it was worth it or not. I sighed and sat up. I ran my hands through my hair letting out a soft yawn. I heard my door open and close. I looked up to see Ashlyn crying with her hand covering her mouth. I stood up and automatically she ran over to me wrapping her arms around me hugging me. I wrapped one of my arms around her.

"What's wrong Ash?" I asked.

She didn't say anything she just cried in my arms. She even tightened her grip. Something was really bothering this girl. I wonder what it is?

"Here stay here I'll be back." I said loosening her grip and heading to the bathroom. Afterwards I grabbed a bowl of ice cream and headed back. She was still sitting on my bed in tears. I climbed on my bed and sat up against the wall. I pulled her into my arms and pulled the covers over her. I handed her the bowl and turned on The Walking Dead. She seemed to stop crying after finishing the ice cream so I decided to ask her what was wrong again.

"What's wrong Ash?" I asked.

"Lottie keeps talking about how wonderful her boyfriend is, and I guess it just hit home that I don't have that anymore." She sniffled.

"What happened?" I asked.

"He dumped me because I was moving and going to a different school." 

"That's a very stupid reason to dump a beautiful girl like you." I blurted out before realizing what was coming out of my mouth.

"You think I'm beautiful?" Her eyes sparkled with joy.

"Who ever wouldn't is stupid." I smiled.




I groaned as the sunlight hit my face. I tried to sit up but realized Ash was cuddling up to me. I smiled seeing her head on my chest. I pushed her hair back revealing her beautiful face. Then I noticed her eyes started flickering. She looked up at me and smiled. Then sat up and cutely yawned. As she stood up Lottie rushed into my room.

"What's going on?!" She yelled.

"Lottie..." Ash mumbled.

"Don't tell me my brother has gotten into your pants?!" 

"Hey now!" I stood up.

"Oh save it you know it's true. You'll sleep with just about anyone." Lottie said before leaving.

We stood there in silence before I looked over at her.

"Is that true?" She asked.

"Heavens no!"  I said and she let out a soft smile.

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