Cover Store *closed until further notice*

Hey! I'll make covers for ANY books. The only exception is rape/sex slave stories, sorry but that's just, well, no.

Currently closed due to extenuating circumstances


31. For @Chloe Songliff and @Chilly 4 ever

I am so sorry to everyone! I have had a lot of family issues going on and had to take hiatus :(. these are the two covers that I was able to get done to night. If you have requested one and it has been more than a month, then I won't do it. I am assuming that you had someone else do it. But if you still want one just ask and I will be happy to oblige. Now, one of the websites that I previously used suddenly decided to make me pay for their services. I actually have decided that I am going to pay. But not at this moment. So some of the more complicated ones will have to wait until then. If you have requested a very detailed cover,  maybe with more than one person for example, it may have to wait. or I can just do a simpler one. Again I am sorry for the wait........



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