we have known each other as long as i remember, me and him. He has allways bin there, in my life but i haven't thought about it….. until now


2. The trip

"I missed you Ryan" i said and hugged him again. " missed you too kiddo" He walked inside and hugged the other. It was very good to see my brother again. "when are mum and dad here?" "soon kiddo. They will come and we will have dinner here" ryan smiled at me. "have justin treat you well kiddo" he smirked "stop acting like you are my dad ryan" i threw a pillow after him "you didn't answered my question!" He smirked again "of course your monkey" i gave him my best killerface "so he didn't rape you?"


Justins p.o.v

My heart stopped. Why would he say that? I would never do anything to her. I was in love with her. I looked at her face to see her reaction."Ewwwwww Ryan. You are so nasty" I smiled to my self but was a little bit hurt. She thought it was nasty to have sex with me. I bite my lip thinking about that. Sex with her uffffffff.  I came back to reality. Maybe i should tell her what i was feeling for her. It was pretty hard to act normally around her. When Ryan asked me to pick her up in the airport i was close to jump of happiness but i couldn't show him that.  "Ryan can i get the keys? i just wants to go home and get a shower" she looked at ryan. "of course kiddo" He threw the keys to her. I took the opportunity and said "shall i drive you?" she looked at me with surprised eyes "ummmm okay" we walked out to the car


 My P.O.V


I walked into the car and waited for Justin. It was a little bit weird that he would drive me but i was tired so it was okay. We didn't say anything on the trip at all. He stopped in front of my house but when i was going to open the car door  for he said "wait two sec. I need to tell you something important" I was surprised " I know this is weird and i'm you brothers friend but sarah" He was looking into my eyes "I'm in love with you and i've bin that for a long time" I was shocked and i didn't know what to say. Justin took his hand and placed it on my cheek and he moved closer. I stared at him and couldn't say anything. Slowly his lips was place on mine and he kissed me soft. It was like firework and i kissed back. He kissed harder and more passionate. I moved my body closer to him and without breaking the kiss and sat on his lap. His hands moved down to my butt and i gasped. When i opened my mouth he stuck his tongue in. The kiss got wilder and wilder and i could't stop. Suddenly he pulled his face away. I gasped for air. He looked deeply in my eyes and said "wow. That was something i've wanted for a long  time. Does this mean that you have feelings for me too?" I smiled "yearh i think so. I've never thought about it but when you kissed me there were firework" He smirked. I kissed him and walked inside

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