we have known each other as long as i remember, me and him. He has allways bin there, in my life but i haven't thought about it….. until now


3. My love

(sorry it took so long<3)

Then i closed the door i sat down on the floor. Was this real? I touched my lips and remembered his lips on mine. I smiled. I walked out to the window. He was still there? I looked at his perfect face in the car. He looked up and saw me. Opssss. He smirked. He opened the car door and walked to the house. He was coming inside the house. I smiled. He opened the door took my hips and kissed me hard and passionate. "i missed you baby" he smirked like always. "did you miss me?" He looked deeply in my eyes. Instead og saying anything i kissed him again. My world stood still. The only thing that mattered in that moment was him. 


I walked out from the bath, took a pair of jeans and a hod die on and ran downstairs to Justin. I smiled all the way. He looked at me like nobody looked at me before. It was like a love movie. Then he smiled his perfect smile. I was blown away. I had never thought about him this way, but now i felt like he was the love of my life. I kissed him on his soft lips and looked deep into his eyes. Then i took his hand i walked outside to the car. The trip to Justin's grandparents was pretty awkward because we knew that we were going to tell Ryan this someday and maybe he would realize it today.


The dinner was very delicious and it was good to see my parents again. I told about all my trips and all i learned. I was very hard to stop looking at Justin but i couldn't because ryan would kill him if he knew that his best friend kissed his 4 years younger sister. I was his babysis and he told me often that nobody could kiss me without his blessing. Justin starred at me all the time and wanted me to look at him but i couldn't. I gave him the killer look, like stop looking at me Justin, but Ryan saw it and raised an eyebrown. Busted. 


A/N i know it was short sorry :( but how will ryan react? will he be happy for them or will he be mad and beat Justin?

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