we have known each other as long as i remember, me and him. He has allways bin there, in my life but i haven't thought about it….. until now


1. My brothers best friend

There were people everywhere. Everyone was standing with flags waiting for there family, girlfriend/boyfriend or a friend. Maybe Ryan was waiting with a flag too. I smiled. I couldn't find him. Had he forgotten me? How could he? I was on vacation in Europe for one month and he didn't showed up when i got home. I turned around and saw a well known face but it wasn't my brother. "hi Justin" i smiled at him. "where the hell is my big brother?" Justin smiled back "Hi kiddo. yearh he couldn't make it so he asked me, but hurry before someone sees me" I laughed at him "okaaaaay mr. uhhh I'm famous and blah blah" He gave me the killerlook but smiled after. We went outside to his car


On the way the  home we talked about europe. He made fun of everything and i couldn't stop laughing at him. "You are so weird Justin. I really don't understand all the girl love you so much" He gave my his sad face "you don't like me" i smirked. "maybe, maybe not" He looked my deeply in my eyes. My heart stopped beating for a sec. I pulled my head away and i couldn't say anything. We didn't talked the rest of the way. 


There was nobody at my place and i didn't have any keys so we drove home to Justin's grandparents. I couldn't stop thinking about that look Justin gave me before. It was  awkward but i couldn't stop thinking did he like me? was it on purpose? We left the car and walked inside. I hugged his grandparents and sat on the sofa. I had bin here so many time when i was a little girl because Ryan was babysitting me but wanted to be with Justin so he brought me here. Justin gave me a cup of tea and sat beside me. He was getting pretty hot that boy. He looked at me and i blushed. He saw i was starring at him…awkward. What was wrong with me? i've never thought about him like this. He was just Justin, my brothers dumb best friend. There was someone knocking on the door. I ran out and hugged Ryan.

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