Harry Moffer & the Dumbest Story Ever

The story is nothing more than a full-on parody of the Harry Potter books, but this time, all references to magic are removed and replaced with nothing more than blatant realism. 14-year-old Harry Hames Moffer is an orphan living with his paranoid relatives when he is invited to attend Warthogpox High School. Harry meets Pun Teasley and Hildegarde Lamer, and they investigate the unpopular Larry Dobber books, which Hollyword could turn into a movie if they don't act fast.


3. Last Warning

Summary: A boy who is mistaken for a fake famous boy wizard hooks up with two losers and attacks the unpopular children's book series, vowing not to stop until the author is exposed for fraud and slander against him.


Dedicated to all those who hate Harry Potter and want to get rid of him. You all suck.


Final Warning: The book that you are holding in your hands does NOT contain any traces of magic at all. There is no wizarding world, no magic spells, and certainly no use of witchcraft. This is a story about a boy who attends a normal high school in a normal town. By the time that you have realized this, I have just destroyed the greatest thing that your childhood has produced. You're welcome.

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