Through the Dark

Payton is just an 18 year old girl that was heading to her friend Clary's friend house when she got ambushed sorta by her favorite band, The Wanted. She doesn't know its them at first but Clary's friend Zayn comes out to help her and so does his four friends. While Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Harry were chasing them off, Liam checked on Payton.
Will Payton and Liam end up together, or will the guys from The Wanted get in the way?


14. Maybe I'm Safe

                Payton's POV

  I've been looking for a house for about 15 mins. "Be lucky no one knows about this account my parents wrote about. Cause now we have a new safe house without them knowing." I smirk to myself thankful for some of these family secrets. "Now what's this supposed 'agency's real organization name. Cause otherwise it'll be useless. Liam answers for me "P.F.T.P. short for Protection For The People. It'll be hard to find cause not a whole lot of people knwo about it.." "Well you sir are wrong, they really need to update their security because about anyone could of hacked into this." I type some more and I start to hear a bunch of questions flying around. "Shut up people, and Louis here's the address." Everyone quiets down except Louis trying to give Harry directions.

  "Now for the real work to begin." I plug in a USB drive that has an arthimetic equation installed to break and crack a system with out alerting the person and then start to hack into some of the webcams and security cameras in the building. "Well seeing as they never had a hacker threat, they never have." Niall says smartly. "Well better be safe then sorry." I put in another USB to download all the files I've found and then look at the cameras. "Guys I see no one. Wait there's something on the floor?" I zoom the camera on the floor and as I do I see some blood on the wall, then a bloody body of a woman. "Um guys, It's a good thing we didn't call....." Liam, Zayn, and Niall look at the screen. I go to another camera and there's even more bodies.Zayn says "That looks like Tom and Siva's work. No one else in that group leaves something that bloody." I hear a ding and unplug my USB's and then shut everything down.

  "So PFTP is pretty much exterminated except for you all and possiblity of on the field agents that haven't either been turned, or decieved." I hear Clary talk. "We're almost to the new house guys, about another hour, but we need to get gas." Harry says then. Liam nods that its ok and then I pass my laptop bag back to Clary. I look at the clock and see its almost 9. I didn't think we left that late? I start to feel the drowsiness set in. I lean my head on Liam's shoulder and start to close my eyes. I think to myself maybe I'm safe.


      Max's POV

  I try to call the boss and he finally answers. "What is it Max?" "We scared them. Tom was stupid and tried to shoot Payne, but the girl got in the way. She's injured, but there's been no new patients at local hospitals within a 100 miles. Have they called?" "No Max they haven't, either they decided not to or..." "They discovered that you have control of it." "Exactly, plus done some research on the girl, and she's more than what we ever thought. She graduated with a perfect 5.0 GPA, offered to take PhD level classes in any subject by the end of her sophmore year. And several other accomplishments like..." "Like taking dance, gymnastics, and almost every type of fighting skills since she was young. Ya we found that out the hard way." I still hurt every where because of her. "Does she know who and what she is though?" I smirk at that. "Not a clue, but I don't know how long they'll keep it from her. She was getting suspicious." "Well then we may need to hurry. I'm still not sure if it would benefit us if she knew or not. Because their is pros and cons to both. Get back here for now though. And make it quick, because it's almost December, which means we're losing time."

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