Through the Dark

Payton is just an 18 year old girl that was heading to her friend Clary's friend house when she got ambushed sorta by her favorite band, The Wanted. She doesn't know its them at first but Clary's friend Zayn comes out to help her and so does his four friends. While Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Harry were chasing them off, Liam checked on Payton.
Will Payton and Liam end up together, or will the guys from The Wanted get in the way?


8. Get her, Now.

      Max's POV

  Where is she now? We have no clue where she is and it's been two days. I saw her at her house two days ago, but now she's nowhere to be seen. That wanna be band One Direction that isn't even famous like us just had to get in the way. Me, Siva, Jay, Tom, and Nathan are meeting with the boss now. The boss has been like a father to us ever since we were all around 5 to 9, which is a very long time since I'm 25 now. When I was 7 that girl the boss wants was born and he had one of his workers watch her. He always talked about how she would be important. That her parents held a secret from her and she doesn't know. Even her "grandparents" didn't tell her. The boss knows this secret though, since her parents are the reason why he's like he is. We only know a few facts. Like what her parents actually really did before they had Payton. When I was 10 he sent us out to watch her secretly. When I was 14, he made sure the parents were out of the picture cause they were getting to close. Which made it easier for us since the boss's main house was in England.

  We enter the room and we all look at his face. "Max report." he says. "I saw her two days ago with that friend of hers named Clary. She had several bags with her and after they left I went in and all of her clothes and electronics are gone. We haven't seen her since the One Direction boys got her. As far as we know there in none of the known addresses owned by them. We assume they took her to a house that no one knew about. Those two girls Perrie and Eleanor are gone too. We were too late to follow them."

 I see his face change into an angry expression. He says "Look, we need her now. She is at the right age on January 26, and it's November 25. Tomorrow we have two months before everyone else will be after her. We need her before her birthday. So I would use all of your resources now, or else you'll be in big trouble. They'll probably transfer her in about a month so I would hurry." Before I can say anything he stands up and grabs my shirt collar lifting me up off of the ground. "Get her, now."

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