Too famous to love (Larry Stylinson)

There is this perfect plan to hide a love away from the world. But what if the plan gets leaks and love tears apart? Eventually the heart will speak.


14. what about us?

Harry's pov

The whole day I was spending in the hospital. I wandered around, ate something in the cafeteria or sat at Louis' side. Louis' mom Jay walked in, she visited her sun every day after work. Now I saw how tired she looked. very tired. She must have a hard time, going to work, taking care of four young girls and then go to the hospital because her son is sick. I always had much respect for Louis' mom and after a time her house felt like a second home to me. She always wolcomed me like I'm a part of the family and she still did, even though me and Lous aren't a couple anymore. I saw her taking a seat next to Louis and they started a typical mother-son conversation. I felt like i bothered so I gave them some privacy. 


I walked into the hallway and tried to decide where to go. After walking trough almost the whole hospital, I ended up in the cafeteria. I walked over to the counter and ordered a doughnut, a coke, a banana and sandwish for later. Since when did I became an emotional eater? I notcied I wasn't myself anymore in a long time but never did I felt the urge to eat tons of sugar to make myself feel better.


 After eating almost the whole cafeteria- I think I'm turning into Niall, I walked back to Louis' room, I heard his mom talking to him. 'Louis, I can't stay, The twins need a someone to watch over them and I can't keep Lottie at home forever.' I saw Louis' dissapointed face. After bieng away for so long he must have missed his mother like crazy. When I'm on tour I really miss my home too, so I'm always happy when Gemma goes with us. Louis can't take his family with him so easely so he always needs to wait iuntil he gets home again. It happened more than once he got homesick and he ended up calling his family why he was cuddled up to me. Then an Idea popped up in my head. 'I can watch Daisy and phoebe, If that's okay?' I said as I walked into the room. 'Honey, that would be so sweet.' Jay said. I smiled. 'I know you want some time with your son.' I said. She nodded. 'You are such a sweetheart Harry.' I warmed my heart. 'I'll go.' I said. She gave me the housekey. 'You'll find It I guess.' Jay said. I nodded 'Thank you so much Harry.' Jay gave me a tight hug and before I left I leaned over to give Louis a hug. I had to force myself to let him go. Before walking out I couldn't help but look into his beautiful blue eyes. I propably only imagined it but it seemd like he really didn't want me to go.


I opened the door and was welcomed by two exited eight-year olds. 'Harry!' The two girls ran up to me. I happily wrapped my arms around them. 'Don't break him.' It was Felicité's voice. 'Hi Fizzy.' 'Hi Harry.' She walked over to me and when the twins finally let go of me-not that they bothered me, she gave me a hug. 'It's a long time ago.' Felicité said. 'I know. There was much going on and...' 'It's okay,I know you have a lot on your mind.' 'I'll make it good. Your mom is staying with Louis for a while so I'm here to stay with you guys. If you guys don't mind?' The twins jumped up and down. 'If we mind? I'm so happy you are staying!' Felicité cooed.


After fiveteen minutes we were setteled on the couch, watching a disney movie. Phoebe was sitting on my lap, Daisy leaned on my arm and Fizzy sat next to me. I actually enjoyed it, but there was an empty space, a space that I wanted to be filled.



'Don't be so nervous.' Louis said as he pulled me with his arm to his front door. It was the first time I would let his parents and he wanted to tell them about us inmidiatly. I was really nervous and I didn't even try to hide it anymore. 'But Lou...What if they don't like me?' I protested. Louis turned to me and rolled with his eyes. 'Harry, you're cute and charming, ofcourse they are going to like you. Now come with me or are you going to keep standing here like a rebellious toddler?' I smiled and followed him to the door. I was only sixteen and Louis was already eighteen, it wasn't a huge age difference but eighteen did sound old. A friendly looking woman opened the door and her face lit up when she saw Louis at the door. That must be his mom, johannah. After giving Louis a hug she smiled at me. 'Harry! I'm happy to see you, come in guys!' she cooed as she gestured to follow her. Inside were four young girls and a man that must be his father. They were all so friendly, Louis introduced me to all of them and then there was the time to tell them about us. 'I want to say something.' Louis said, pulling everyones attention to him. The past days he was so exited and happy to tell them but now In saw he was a little nervous too. 'Mom, dad, you know that Harry means a lot to me, and he's such a great guy...I...and I fell for him and he fell for me, so we are dating now.' The second part of his sentence came out so fast that they had to think about what he just said. But when they realised what he said the smiled bright. 'I'm so happy for you!' His dad said. 'Of Loubear, I already noticed something was going on between you two, you guys are meant to be.' His mom said. Also his sisters smiled and welcomed me to the family. Louis looked at me, his eyes filled with pure love, I looked at him the same way, intertwining my fingers with his.

end of fb


After the movie was almost over I noticed the twins had fallen asleep. I brought them to their beds and joined Felicité on the couch again. 'They fall asleep easely with this movie.' She said. I smiled at her. After a moment silence Felicité started talking again.' We missed having you around.' She said. 'I missed it too, oh you have no idea.' I rubbed my forehead, trying not to sound too emotional. 'You know...Louis really misses you.' I looked at her and at the look in her eyes I knew she meant it. 'How has Louis been?' I asked. 'Not good at all, Louis changed since you guys broke up. Norammy he"s so happy and joyfull, now he was depressed. He was always in his room, didn't eat and he cried a lot. And Louis doesn't cry quickly.' She said. 'I don't want him to cry.' I muttered. 'Will everything be alright again?' Felicité asked. I didn't have an answer for that, What if Louis doesn't want to start over again, what if he just wants us to be friends. Is there even a posibilty we can be friends without one of us getting hurt. I sighed, tired of everything that happened. 'I don't know...I don't know if this relation can be fixed.' I said, focusing on a little black spot on the wooden floor. 'Why don't you give eachother a second chance? I mean, Louis clearly needs you and I'm sure you still love him. You guys are made for eachother, I noticed that already the first moment you guys walked in together.' . 'I wish we could just rewind and start over again, but it's not that easy...' I anwered, still focusing on the black spot in an attempt not to start  tearing up. 'I know it won't be easy, but you need to think , do you want to keep living like this? Separated from eachother? Or are you going to try, are you going to fight for him? You love him, right?' I nodded. 'Then what hold you back from trying? What is the worst that can happen?' That were some wise words from such a young girl. 'You are right, I should try, I should fight for him! He's my soulmate and no one takes him away from me.' Felicité smiled. 'I like to hear that. I'm going to sleep, you know here to find everything huh.' she said and she gave me a hug. I wached her goin upstairs and I turned back to the tv, it was a documentairy about monkey, not something I wanted to watch right now but I couldn't pay attention to it anyway. I opened to phone to a shit load of messages:



Are you okay, Is Louis okay? Plz let hear frm yourself quickly.



Everything okay over there? How is Louis?



We are worrie dabout you, please tell me you guys are alright.



Where are you man? Liam said you are in the uk?



Harry, where are you?



We are worried!



Everything okay?





I knew when Niall started to text with caps lock on he was or worries or mad and I hoped for the first one. I quickly dialed Niall's number and he picked up inmidiatly. He was propably waiting for an answer all day.


'Harry! Where the fuck are you?! I tried to reach you for days and you just don't answer!'


'I'm sorry Niall, I didn't check my phone.'


'We were so worried!'


'Niall, I'm so sorry! I'm in Doncaster, Louis is feeling sick so I'll stay here for a while.'


for a moment I was worried Niall was mad, but quickly his voice turned back to soft and caring.


'Pour Louis, tell him I hope he gets better soon..'


'I'll do that.'


'So...How are you?'


'I have been better, but I'm okay.'


'Are you sure?'


'Yeah...just tired.'


'I'll let you sleep.'






'Goodnight Niall.'


I laid my phone on the table and laid myself on the couch, that was really uncomfortable. It was getting really late and I kept turning sided, trying to fall asleep but I couldn't. I stood up, streched my aching back and tiptoed upstairs. Everyone was already sleeping, and except from some soft snoring the whole house was silent. I Walked into Louis' room and with my clothes on, I got into Louis' bed, and pulled the blankets over me. I missed this so much, and the bed was so empty without him. But His scent was here and it made me feel so calm and happy inside, I felt asleep inmidatly.

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