Too famous to love (Larry Stylinson)

There is this perfect plan to hide a love away from the world. But what if the plan gets leaks and love tears apart? Eventually the heart will speak.


15. that boy...

Louis' pov

I was happy I could finally leave the hospital, I wanted to go hope so bad. I jumped into my car and rode off. My mom was still at work and my sisters were at school so I would have the house on my own.


I walked in and to my suprise a boy was lying on the couch. Not just a boy, it was the curly-haired fella I loved so much. Slowly I walked over to him, he was sleeping. He looked so peaceful, so beautiful but also very tired. I gentely stroke mu tumb over his hand- what am I doing? I took a blanket and covered him in it. Harry murmered something in his sleep. I thought it was adorable. Time to make dinner. 


When I was cooking I saw movement from the living room. Harry had woken up. With sleepy eyes he walked over to the fridge and he propably didn't notice me because he jumped a little when he saw me. 'Louis! You are home!' He cooed and he wrapped his arms around me. I smiled and buried my face in his neck- what am I doing? I looked at him and couldn't help but smile, oh he was so cute. Harry kept looking at me and suddently he stroke his finger over my cheekbones. 'You need to gain weight.' He whispered. I looked at the ground in shame. 'I know, I know.' 


After half an hour dinner was ready. We took place at the table and Harry ate like he never did before. I didn't eat much though. After eating a little peace of my hamburger and some peas I quit and waited for Harry. 'Aren't you going to finish your dinner?' Harry asked as he pointed at my plate. 'I'm not hungry anymore.' I explained. 'You barely ate! You need to eat that.' I rolled my eyes; 'Harry, I'm old enough to decide that on my own...' I said, trying to sound as calm as possilble. 'You say you are old enough? Prove it and finish your dinner.' Harry was getting on my nerves.'I'm not hungry anymore. Who are you? My mother?' 'No, I'm your friend! And don't want you to end up in the hospital again!' Harry yelled. 'I can't take care of myself, I don't need you for that.' I said calmly.' Harry looked hurt. 'You don't need me? You gonna starve yourself if no one watches you.' I fisted my hands. 'Harry please, just...urg. 'What? I'm right!' I rolled my eyes. 'Harry...I'm fine, okay? Why don't you just fucking understand I'm ficking old enough to decide how much I should eat!' Harry sighed loudly. 'You are twenty-one but you act like a five-year old!' now Harry was making me mad and I couldn't keep calm anymore. 'Why do you care so much?!'  'Because you mean a lot to me!' 'Do I?' I asked sarcasicly.' 'I left the band, I flew over to the UK and hung around at the hospital and took care of your sisters. And I don't mind at all, do you know why? Because I care about you, but you're just a jerk!' 'I'm a jerk? You are the one treating me like a toddler. Stop it!' I yelled back at him. 'You can yell at me but it won't make yourself feel better about yourself.' 'Shut up, I hate you!' I couldn't control myself anymore, I grabbed my glass and smacked it against the wall. It smashed into hundreds of pieces and Harry cringed. I stood up and walked over to the stairs. 'I wanted to walk upstairs but something prevented me from going to my room. Harry was looking at me with tears in his eyes. 'Do you really hate me?' He asked, and the tears streamed down his face. I stood there, frozen. 'Why would I hate you?' Harry tried to wipe away his tears but they kept coming. 'You fucking said that you hate me Louis Tomlinson!' My heart skipped a beat. 'I didn't mean that.' I came down the stairs and sat next to Harry.' He looked away, sobbing. 'Harry, I don't hate you, I just got really mad. Not at you, it's just...A lot happened and...' I rubbed his back but he ignored me. 'Harry...' The door opened and my mom came in with Lottie. 'Hi guy-is everything alright?' My mom asked, when she saw Harry was crying. Harry ignored her, stood up and left the house. My mom kept staring at me. 'I'm going after him.' I said, leaving my mom in riddles.


It was already getting dark and Harry was no where to be found. I walked around for hours and ended up in the parc. It was cold but I didn't care. Why am I always hurting people? I walked past a group of guys. 'Faggot.' I heard one of them say. The others chuckled. I tried ignoring them but after three years I had enough. 'How did you call me?' I said as I turned around. 'Fag, F-A-G.' The guy taunted. 'I'm sorry your mother failed to raise you.' I answered. He came closer. 'What did you say about my mother?' 'She failed to raise you, f-a-i-l-e-d.' I said with a smirk before walking away. I didn't want it to end in a fight.


I kept looking for hours and it was already dark. I walked back to the parc and sat down on a bench. I rubbed my eyes. The was no one els there. The groups of guys left too.  All I wanted was to find Harry. I missed him, and I felt so bad. Harry doesn't deserve all this shit. He's the best and a lot of people don't even realise that. I didn't want to fight anymore, I wanted everything to be alright. I quickly send my mom a text that I was alright before I fell asleep on the bench.


I woke up by a girl screaming. I opened my eyes to find a group of girls attacking me for pictures. I rubbed my eyes and ran away. I ran until I noticed a small space between two houses. I just walked in and it was a dark and small alley. It seemed to be endless. Eventyally it became light again and I saw it brought me into a beautiful meadow with long grass, some big trees and beautiful flowers. I didn't know about this place and apperantly other people didn't either. It was calm and untouched. 


Then I noticed someone was sitting against a big tree. I walked closer and then I realised it was Harry. 'Louis?' I ran to him and sat down in front of him. 'How did you find this place?' He asked. 'I had to escape from some fans and walked into a random alley. Harry nodded. 'I have looked after you for hours.' I said. Harry looked at me. 'Why?' He asked. 'Because I was worried, and I hurt you and I needed to find you an-' Harry poked my side to interupt me. 'It's alright.' I poked him back and he giggled. I was so relieved to see him like that. 'Harry, you know I still care about you right?' Harry didn't react, he just smirked goofely at me. 'Harry?' He poked me and let out a very girly giggle. 'Let's see...Do I know?' Harry teased me. I poked his side and he then he took his revenge. When I realised I couldn't win I jumped up and ran. When I looked back I saw Harry was chasing me. I giggled and so did Harry. After running for two minutes I was out of breath and Harry cought me and wrapped his arms around me. I turned around and hugged him tightly. 'Jump.' Harry said. I knew exactly what he meant. I jumped and wrapped my legs around Harry's body, my arms around his neck. Harry hold me tight and we looked in eachothers eyes. 'I love you.' I said. Harry smiled and turned around. I nuzzled my face into his neck and Harry giggled.  Because of my weigt Harry got out of balanace and fell on his back, me on top of him. I looked into his glintsering green eyes before slowly leaning in. Harry did the same. I closed my eyes and our lips touched in the most loving kiss we ever shared. 'I love you too.' I said as I rolled of him so I was lying next to him. Harry turned to his side so so we were facing eachother. Harry stroke my cheek gentely. 'You are the best that ever happened to me.' He whispered. I smiled and fell the tears coming. 'Why are you crying?' Haryr asked, his expression turining to worried. 'Because you are such an angel, you are alsways there for everyone, for me, and I treated you like shit and-' Harry interrrupted me by kissing me. 'I don't care, I just want everything to be like it was before. Can we start over again?' I smiled. 'There is noting I want more.' I kissed his forehead and Harry giggled. We entertwined our hands and the world behind us disapeared. Finally we could be together again, but this was not the end of our story. We had to tell everyone, tell the media, tell the world, our fans,...' But for now we were truly happy.



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