Too famous to love (Larry Stylinson)

There is this perfect plan to hide a love away from the world. But what if the plan gets leaks and love tears apart? Eventually the heart will speak.


17. suprise

Louis' pov

When I woke up, the bed was already empty and cold next to me. When I looked up I saw Harry rushing around. Why is he so active so early? 'Louis get up! We have a concert today!' I groaned in my pillow. A concert? 'Liam called to say we have to play in the O2 today.' Harry cooed, still rushing around the house. I sat up and streched my arms. Actually I really looked forward to performing again, I missed it. I got in the shower and let cold wather run over my body to wake myserlf up. When I was done showering I wrapped a towel around my lower body and looked in the mirror. I was gaining weight again but I still saw what my depression caused. I closed my eyes and suddently I felt a pair of arms wrap around my body. 'You look handsome.' Harry whispered in my ear. I turned around, Harry was already in his jeans and shirt, for the first time he didn't cover up his wrist. I gentely grabbed his arm and turned it around to reveal eight pink scars. I pressed my lips on his wrist. 'What are you doing?' Harry giggled. 'Kissing away the auwies.' I answered with a chuckle. I wrapped my arms around Harry's neck and got lost in his eyes. Harry smiled and kissed my lips. 


After I got ready Harry pushed me to the kitchen. 'I made breakfast.' Harry said, pointing at the heart shaped pancakes on the table. Oh, he's so adorable. I kissed him on the cheek and took place opposite of him. 'Exited for the concert?' Harry asked. He was so hyperactive and much too exited for just a concert. 'Ofcourse, I always am.' I asnwered, taking a bite of my pancake. My mom came downstairs smiling brightly. 'Enjoy your breakfast.' She said. It were the last days at home for a while and I liked to hang around my family, and I knew Harry liked it too. 'Can we visit my home before we leave?' Harry asked as he finished his pancakes. I nodded. 'Ofcourse.' I stood up and kissed his forehead. I'm going to bring Fizzy to a friend and then we leave to Holmes Chapel. Harry smiled. 


We got on the car and drove of to Holmes Chapel. His mom embraced Harry like she never did before. 'Come in boys!' She cooed. Inside Gemma was watching tv, but when she noticed Harry she jumped up and ran to him to give him a even tgiht hug. 'Are you guys back together?' Gemma asked. We nodded and Harry took my hand. 'Yes we are.' 'I'm so happy for you!' His mom and sister almost cooed at the same time. We took place on the couch and talked about the past weeks. Some things we left behine like the hospital and Harry's elf harm, we didn't want them to worry too much. They clearly missed Harry and Harry enjoyed to be back home so much, it actually hurt we had to leave. We would go on tour as soon as we decided we had a great manegment, and I knew we did. When you guys go to America I'm coming with you.' Gemma cooed. Harry's eyes sparkeled. 'Really?!' 'Yess! A man calles, I think his name was...euh...Mark! It was Mark, your new manegment, he said it would be nice af some family went with you guys on tour. I knew we found the best manegment ever.


I was painful to leave the cozy hometowns, but I was also exited to be back in London. We didn't have much time, and I wanted to spend my time with Harry but he was busy talking to everyone els. I didn't get what was so important, and I also didn't get why I was the only one not knowing what is was about. Everyone seemed extra exited for the concert and I got the weird feeling I should be too. 


5 Seconds Of Summer made place for us and we introduced ourself as the full band we were. the fans screamed and sheered and it felt so great. I heard my name several times and it was also on some cardboards. We sang our songs, talked to the fans and then it was time for the twitter questions. We answered a question about our favorite food, about what we do when we have some time off, and suddently everyone in the crowd gasped ans sheered as they saw the next twitterquestion. I turned around and I read what made my heart skip a beat. 


Louis William Tomlinson, do you want to marry me?

-Harry S.


Niall started playing Little Things on his guitar and everyone was singing along, inclusive the Aussie band. Harry walked over me, took a little purple box out of his pocket and got down on one knee. I knew what he was doing and tears started to form in my eyes, tears of joy. 'Lou, do you want to marry me?' Harry asked as he opened the box and revealed a beautiful ring. I put my hand in front of my mouth. 'Yes, YES!' I yelled, tears streaming down my face. Harry stood up and and we put eachothers rings on. I flung my arms around Harry and he wrapped me in his arms and we hugged eachother so tight I almost forgot how to breath. We were both crying, tears of happynes, tears of relief. Finally we were out, out to the world. The whole arena was going out of his mind, screaming things like 'Larry is love'. But I barely heard them because I was is trance. We ended our hug but kept holding hands. I looked at Harry the most loving way I could and kissed him with passion. 


After the concert we walked out of the arena, everyone was still overexited. When we came into the hallway Mark was standin there, smiling. 'Congrats guys.' 'Thank you.' I was a little confusedn maybe I just wasn't used to our manegment bieng so nice yet. I was attacked by a pair of arms. I looked to see Niall holding me tight. I turned around and gave him a proper hug. 'I'm so happy for you guys.' Niall murmered. 'Thanks buddy.' I whispered, too happy to find words. 


Harry's pov

I wiped away my tears saw the Michael walking towards me with his arms wide open. We hugged and I burried my face in his neck. 'I told you everything would be alright.' Michael said. 'T-thank you for bieng there for me, you mean so much to me.' Michael grabbed my shoulders and gentely pushed me back so he could look at me. 'You know Harry, true love always survives. And you guys are meant to be. I knew it was going to be alright, it just needed some time.' Michael said. It took a while before I found the right words, but what I said, I meant, with whole my heart. 'Michael, you never stopped beliveing in me, and I know I was a handfull, I know I was a bunch a tears, but you were there for me all the time, and I can never explain how much that means to me, how much you mean to me. Thanks Mikey.' Again I hugged him. 'That's the most serious and cheesyest conversation we ever had.' Mickael chuckled. I couldn't help but laugh. 'You're right.' I turned around to find the boys of my band. Before I knew it I was pulled into a grouphug, the most caring and loving grouphug ever. 'They pull us down, they try to tear us apart, but in the end, we always fin our way back, and we come back better and stronger than ever.' Zayn cooed and he smiled at me. I nodded. He was right. 


We changed our sweaty clothes for clean ones, and took place in the big lounch. We chatted about random things, all the Louis was snuggled up to me, and I had my arm wrapped around him like I wanted to protect him. Actually that was exactly what I wanted. No one should hurt my man. 'Take Me Home is running to his end.' Liam said with a sigh. 'that means we need to go back to Australia. I miss home but I think it will be really hard to just live our life without you guys.' Calum said, puting. 'I don't want you guys to go.' Niall said, his voice breaking because he suddently realised they would leave soon. 'I think we had such a great time, but we will come back to see you guys getting married!' Ashton said. I looked at Louis and he looked back with a smile. 'When we leave we aren't going to come back for a long time. Touring with you guys was so much fun, I'm going to miss it.' Luke said. 'Don't.' A voice at the door sounded. 'I think you nine guys are a perfect team, so why would I change it? And the fans love both bands.' It was Mark who walked towards us. 'You guys are going on tour together next year.' He explained. 'WOOHHH!' Everyone sheered. 'Did I say you are the most perfect manegment we could ever imagine?!' Louis cooed. Mark smiled. 'I think you are all people and you did nothing to deserve the crap you got with modest, I think you deserve to be treated like every other human.'


We walked outside to find papazzi everywhere. Camera's were flashing. The news spread so fast. Harry wanted to walk pas them but instead I made him stop. 'I waited for this so long.' I said as I took Harry into a passionated kiss in front of all the camera's and journalists. We ignored the bad comments and enjoyed this the fullest. Harry took my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine. 'I love you.' He mouthed. 'I love you too.' I mouthed back. 'I want to go somewhere before we go home.' Harry said with a smirk. I didn't knew what he was thinking about but I didn't care actually so I just followed him together with the other boys. 'Let's visit modest a last time.' Harry told the others. They nodded, they should know how happy we were without them.


Without waiting for someone to come and get us, we walked to Jean's office. Like always he sat at his desk, staring into the room with the arrogant look he always has on his face. 'Look who we have here.' He said with a smirk when we walked in. 'I knew you guys would come back. What's the reason? does things don't role like it did before? Maybe if yuys beg I will take you back.' It was time to take that stupid smirk of his face, and I was going to do it Tommo style. 'Don't worry dipshit, wer're not back because things go back. We are back to tell you how awesome our new manager is, how he let's us be ourself, he doesn't force us to do anything we don't want, he doesn't give us fake girlfriends, and ow yeah, the most important thing of all : Me and Harry are engaged.' I said with a giant smirk. I showed him my hand so he could look at the beautiful ring Haryr got me. 'You know what? We are gay, fucking gay, and you know what? We don't fucking care. We are happy and it's sad you were such an asshole because now you lost everything you got. sad.' I said and I enjoyed the look on his face so much. 'We should go.' Liam said. 'Our manager Mark promised some days off to enjoy bieng with our family and friends. He said we deserved that.' Liam added. 'Bye, enjoy your life.' Niall said with so much sass it actually startled me. 'Way to go Nialler.' Zayn high-fived him and before we Haryr turned around. 'Ow befor we leave I want to tell you something: you're the biggest asshole alive! And You you made Louis' life misrable. You pulled him down, broke him inside, tried to give him a new identety, but guess what? We don't need you anymore, you can't tell us what to do anymore, we have Mark now. We fixed Louis and now were back, stronger than ever. And now you're a nobody. Bye Jean.' He turned around and intertwined his finegers with mine. 'Let's go home.'





A few weeks later, when the hype about Larry was calmed down, we could come out of the door again without getting attacked with cameras. We were about to go to some grosery shopping before we went to the award show. We just walked because our appartement wasn't far away from the supermarket. Harry's hand brushed over mine and I intertwined my hand with his. 'We can do this now.' I said. 'Harry smiled birght. We ignored the looks we got in the supermarket, we were happy and nobody could take that away from us. 'I'm looking forward to our marriage.' Louis said when we walked down the streets, holding hands. 'Me too, I don't know what you want but I was thnking about a small ceremony with just close friends and family.' Harry said. I nodded. 'Cosy and personal, just like we like it.' I answered, brushing my tumb over Harry's hand.


It was the day before our break, the day of the award show. Ofcourse we were exited, we were nominated for three awards, but also kind of nervous because now we would walk the red carper as an official couple, hand in hand, like it should. And we weren't just a couple, we were a proud couple. The whole time Harry didn't let me out of sight and the was vice versa. We won two awards and we were so happy, we were so close to eachother right now. A lot happened but it brough us even more together. I think everyone there notcied how happy we were.





We were cuddled up on the couch and I started to think about what happened the past weeks. We were both huddled up in a blanket and Harry arms were wrapped around my body. 'Harry?' 'Yes?' 'What did Mark want to talk about, you know, when he send us away.' Harry smiled. 'He said we hid in the closet long enough.' He asnwered. 'You mean, he was okay with us coming out?' 'Okay with it? He wanted it. He said we needed to show the world what true love is. I told him I  wanted to propose and he thought it was a great idea.' Harry explained. I cuddled up closer to him. 'I love you.' I muttered. 'I love you too Boo.' Never in my life I felt so happy, so loved, so carefree. My life became perfect and no one could take that away from me, no one.



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