Too famous to love (Larry Stylinson)

There is this perfect plan to hide a love away from the world. But what if the plan gets leaks and love tears apart? Eventually the heart will speak.


7. staying strong

Louis' pov

I had the my appartement for my own now Eleanor left. She couldn't stay with me forever that would get quite akward. I noticed how lonlely and bored I had gotten, I wanted to start living again. But it was hard. 


I decided to call Zayn, asking to hang out. Half an our later we left my appartement in London to hang out in the city. We did some shopping, signed some fans' stuff and then went for a drink. But there was someone els I knew very well. It was Harry and he wasn't alone, he was sitting opposite of a woman and they were obviously having fun. 'What are you looking at?' Zayn asked as he turned around. 'Oh, it looks like Harry is dating again. That's good.' I nodded slowly. 'Yeah...' 'You don't seem to mean it.' Zayn said giving me a smirk. 'Are you jealous?' I snorted. 'Ofcourse not.' I looked back at them and my blood started to boil as I saw Harry laying his hand on hers. 'You are sooo jealous, like an overatached girlfriend seeing her boyfriend flirt with someone els.' I snapped my face back at Zayn. 'Shut up Zayn.' I almost yelled. 'If Harry is happy, so am I.' 


So Harry has a girlfriend...I knew I should be happy for him. He has the right to date someone and to be happy. But that made me realize that Modest was right, I made Harry think, he's gay but in fact it just took a turn like this to make him realise that he's that hot guy that can steal every girls heart. 


Days passed by and I mostly chilled with Stan. After I got famous he always stayed my close friend. Now we had to leave the UK to go to Amerika I needed to say goodbye to him too. Packing gave me a sick feeling.



Harry's pov

We arrived at our hotel in LA and waited to get the paper to know wich rooms we got and who is going to share with who. Paul walked in, and handed Louis the paper. 'You have to be kidding me right?' Louis said as he looked at Paul. 'Jean made it up.' Paul answered. 'They make me sleep in the same room as Harry, they didn't do that in two years.' Louis sighed. I couldn't describe how defeaded I felt. So long I waited to share my room with Louis again and now we got that chance Louis hated it. 


Louis sat on his bed, texting someone. He didn't even look up when I walked into the room so I just  started to unpack. 'We should explore the city...right?' Louis looked up. 'Yeah...' Is all I got before he turned back to his phone. I felt like crying, Louis doesn't care about me at all. But instead I just left the room and searched for the bar. Niall and Liam were drinking a beer and discussing something about the concert. 'Hi, come sit with us.' Niall said as he saw me coming. 'Zayn suggested to go out tonight.' Niall said. I nodded. 'I'll pas.' Liam said. Niall pouted. 'Just go with us.' 'I'm sorry Niall but you know I can't drink that much.' Liam explained. 'Your both kidneys are fine.' Niall nagged. 'I know, but I want to keep it that way.'  'Liam is sure about his decision.' I said. 'But I'm going with you guys.' Niall smiled.


After taking a nap I got ready to go. Louis was lying on his bed, still on his phone and I had no idea who he was texting with. 'Are you going with us?' I asked. Louis shook his head. 'I'm tired, but have fun.' I walked out of the room giving him a nod.


We took a tube and walked into a good looking club. Zayn and Niall started dancing as I just sat down and had a couple of drinks. 'Can I get a drink?' I mouted to the bar lady.' Ofcourse you hot guy.' She answered with a wink. I rolled my eyes. 


After half an our I was pretty wasted and walked to the dancefloor. A pretty looking girl walked towards me and started dancing against me. Drunk as I was I let her and danced really close with her. 'Follow me to the toilet.' She said in my ear. It took me some time to realise what she was saying. 'No.' I said 'She looked annoyed. 'What's that? I though you were that big womanizer?' She said in a taunting tone. 'I'm not.' 'C'mon Styles, don't lie. How many girls have you fucked in these toilets?' 'He doesn't fuck girls honey, he fucks guys, he's a fag.' A guy said as I wanted to walk away. 'Excuse me?' I answered, walking towards him. 'You're a freaking faggot.' I wasn't thinking clear so I just punched him in the face and he fell back. That was a bad idea. He stood back up and it ended up in a fight. I looked like I was winning but soon his buddies helped and I didn't stand a chance. I got punched in the face and kicked until I fell over.  They kicked me everywhere they could. I rolled up, wishing it would soon end. I was relieved to hear a familiar voice. 'Keep your filty hands of him!' Zayn yelled. I took a peek and saw him pulling the people of me and fighting them. Niall ran over to me and helped me up and supported me to the exit of the club. Once outside I collapsed onto the ground. Niall kneeled down next to me and hold me until Zayn walked out. 'What were you thinking Styles? This is not out country, you can't just start to fucking fight!' Niall gestured him to stop and when Zayn noticed me sobbing uncontrollable, his face changed from angry to concerned. 'Let's bring you back to the hotel.' Zayn said.


Zayn helped me back to my room and then left to go sleep himself. Louis looked asleep. Without changing I got into bed. Every part of my body hurt but I was relieved I could sleep.

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