Too famous to love (Larry Stylinson)

There is this perfect plan to hide a love away from the world. But what if the plan gets leaks and love tears apart? Eventually the heart will speak.


8. pull yourself together

Louis' pov

I woke up to see Harry still fast asleep. He looked so peaceful. Was he still wearing his clothes? Then I noticed he had a bruise on his cheek. What did that boy do last night? Something inside told me to that Harry had rough night and I should ask him.

Whe I came out of the shower I noticed Harry was limping and every move seemd to hurt him. 'Are you okay Harry?' Harry turned around and smiled. 'Yeah. Why wouldn't I?' I couldn't tell if it was sarcastic. 'You are limping and you have a bruise on your cheek.' 'I fell.' It was obvious he wasn't going to tell me anything. 


When I could finally leave the hotel,  I ofcourse needed to take Eleanor with me. I held her hand, walking around the town. We talked and laughed and actually had fun. Even though I was forced to go out with her, I didn't mind it this time, I actually liked it. 



Harry's pov

I decided to go around with Liam. After taking a painkiller I felt a lot better. We took several tubes to see different sided of the city and ate at some unknown restaurant to avoid getting mobbed. It was actually a good day, I could finally make my mind clear. We ended up going into a pub. There was almost no one except for this one couple acting really lovely and two other people sitting at the bar. When me and Liam took place I realised it were Louis and Eleanor. They still didn't saw us. I saw Louis intertwining his fingers with Eleanor's, they were smiling at eachother and propably telling each other sweet things. Ofcourse I all saw it before but it was always forced. Then they leaned in and kissed. There was no reason at all, there were no people looking and no camera's. I couldn't describe how much it broke me heart. 'Harry?' I looked at Liam who gave me a concerned look. 'Harry what's wrong? You look like you're about to cry.' 'Look behind you.' I said, my voice broken. 'Liam looked behind him, seeing how Louis was tucking a string of Eleanor's hair behind her ear. 'It looks like Louis realised he actually loves her.' Liam said. I sighed. If he's going on with his leave, so should I. 


Back in the hotel I tried to avoid Louis all day, and that worked pretty well until we met in the hallway on our way to the hotelroom. 'How was your day?' Louis asked. 'He propably was too busy with Eleanor to notice me at the pub. 'okay.' I answered, not looking at him. 'Okay?' 'Yes, it was okay.' Louis nodded and didn't say anything els.


In the hotelroom was an akward silence. I just ignored Louis and went straight to bed. I felt like I didn't sleep in ages.

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