Too famous to love (Larry Stylinson)

There is this perfect plan to hide a love away from the world. But what if the plan gets leaks and love tears apart? Eventually the heart will speak.


6. I need you

Harry's pov

I slept bad that night , actually I barely slept. I was alone in a cold bed, no arms wrapped around me. When I walked into the kitchen I saw Liam making breakfast. 'Hungry?' He asked, trying to sound cheerful. I wasn't hungry at all but I didn't want to be rude.


Liam took two plates and placed an egg and some bacon on both of them. 'I hope you like it.' He said. 'Sophia always likes it very much when I make her eggs and bacon in the morning.' I smiled. 'So where is Sophia now?' 'She's at her parent's house for a week.' Liam answered. 


Doing nothing was already exhausting so taking a nap on the couch seemed like a good idea. I walked to my suitcase and grabbed my bottle sleeping pills, but right then Liam walked in. 'What's that?' He asked as he came closer. 'Vitamin pills.' 'Can I see it?' I sighed. 'It are just damn vitamin pills Liam.' Before I knew it Liam took the bottle out of my hand. 'Harry these are sleeping pills!' 'Big deal! so much people take those, I can't sleep, I just want to get some rest.' Liam looked concerned. 'Harry...It will help for some days, maybe two weeks, then you'll start to need more to get the same effect. And when that isn't enough you'll try other things, before you know i-'  'I won't take drus Liam! And I won't get addicted to this pills!' I snapped. 'Then you have no problem if I keep these?' Liam asked. 'Just give them back, I'm exhausted and I need to sleep...please...' I realised how broken and fragile my voice sounded. 'No Harry! I'm not giving it back, it's for your own good.' Liam tried to sound calm. 'Why don't you just give me one!' 'No Harry!' 'Why do you need to be such a dick? I wanna sleep and it's killing me!' 'I'm a dick for preventing you from getting an addiction to this stuff? Harry please use your brains, how old are you?' Liam was now shouting and so was I. 'Old enough to know that nobody understand me!' I yelled before I ran out of the door and smacked it close behind me.


I needed to get some fresh air to make my mind clear. I started running, running like I never did before. Liam was living close to a woods so now I was running between the trees. I got this big adrenaline rush that gave me the feeling I could run forever. Every frustration, every sad emotion, my angryness, it left my body. I only stopped because my legs couldn't hold me anymore and my lungs felt like they were about to burst. I sat myself on a trunk of a fallen tree, trying to catch my breath. This actually felt so good. I though back about the time when I promised Liam to work out together but his condition was way better then mine so I ended up lying in the grass while Liam was running. But he didn't gave up on me though, he never did. I realised Liam always put us before himself, always, and we think that's nothing but normal. This boy looks after us with the care of a father. It's time to give something back. And then I felt guilty for arguing with Liam earlyer this day. He wants to protect me for something that's stronger than myself. I'm not that strong at all and no matter what I say I know that I need someone to watch over me.


I walked back to Liam's house and found him sitting on the couch, watching tv but it wasn't even on. 'L-liam?' Liam turned around and let out a sigh of relief. 'Oh thanks god you're back.' He said as he walked over towards me. 'Liam I am so sorry for bieng so ru-' I was interrupted by Liam pulling me into a hug. Slowly we let go and I saw Liam wiping away a tear. 'Liam, I was a jerk earlyer this day. You were right, you only wanted to protect me. Throw those pills away, I'm going to prove that I don't need them.' Liam smiled. 'That's what I want to hear. Now...I know a better way of relaxing.' Liam said as he gestured that I should sit on the couch. He gave me a blanket and a cup of tea. It reminded me of the way Louis took care of me when I was feeling sick.



*You look terrible.' Louis sais as he saw me sitting on the couch like a mess. 'Thanks...' I answered. 'Wait, I'll make you feel better.' Louis said as he disapeared into the hallway and came back with a blanked. He wrapped the blanked around me and kissed my forehead. 'Better?' He asked. I nodded and smiled. Then he went to the kitchen and three minutes later he came back with my favorite tea. 'Thanks Lou.' I said as Louis sat next to me on the couch huddled up close to me.

end of fb


'I'm going to bed.' Liam said. I nodded. 'Goodnight Liam.' I walked back to the spare room but it felt so cold and empty. I knew it was stupid but I had to do it. I walked to Liam's room and opened the door. 'L-Liam? Can I ... ask you a question?' Liam say up and nodded. 'Yeah.' 'I feel lonely in the spare room and...I won't do anything because you're just a friend and I...' 'Want to ask if you can lay next to me?' I nodded and felt like a fool for asking it to a friend. 'I will just lay there, you don't need to worry that I'll do anything.' Liam chuckled. 'It's alright Harry.' He patted the empty side of the bed next to him.


Even though I couldn't huddle up to Liam it still felt so much better. I wasn't alone and finally I dozed of into a peaceful sleep.


A/N : a friend of mine helped we out with this charpter when I was stuck. check out her stories : fallindawn

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