Too famous to love (Larry Stylinson)

There is this perfect plan to hide a love away from the world. But what if the plan gets leaks and love tears apart? Eventually the heart will speak.


13. I can' lose you

Harry's pov

I was happy to be in my own country again. The first thing I did was take the first train to Doncaster, I needed to see Louis, I needed to know he was okay. It was the longest train ride ever. And I was so tired and upset I barely noticed some fans staring at me from the other side of the wagon. I was reliefed they leaved me alone. I really love our fans, without them we would be nothing but sometimes I need some time for myself. Some time to think. Ofcourse the boys tried to call me but I sent them all a text, telling them I'm okay and I would be back before they know it. Ofcourse also Michael wanted to know what happened. And after all he did for me, it wouldn't be fair to just send him a simple text. I quickly called him. 


I looked out the window. The landscape passed by quickly, like my life. Everything happened so fast and there is no time to breath, no time to take a step back and think about your life. Day in day out we are send elswhere. The touring, the performing and seeing the fans cheer is so fun. But there is also the lack of sleep, the paparazzi that makes me look like a jerk and bieng far away from my famliy. But the things that always kept me standing was the friendship with my bandmates and the love I shared with my boyfriend. I missed Louis so much and a feeling in my stomach told me something was going on.


After two hours I finally arrived in Doncaster and I went straigt to Louis' parents'  house. When I rang the door Lottie opened. She looked suprised to see me. 'Hi Lottie, is...euhm...Louis home?'  She looked down. 'No...he...he's in hospital...' My heart sunk in my stomach. 'What?! why?' 'He fainted, I don't really know what happened, I needed to stay here to watch my sisters. But he's in the hospital nearby.' 'Thank you!' I ran back and took an underground to get to the hospital. totally out of breath I ran in, to the reception. 


'Wich room is Louis Tomlinson staying?' I asked, trying ta catch my breath. 'Room twenty, but I'm not sure he's ready for visit. I just thanked her and ran into the hallway, and on my way I bumped op on, someone. 'Harry!' It was Jay! 'Oh, Harry I'm so happy you're here!' She cooed, hugging me close. 'Is Louis okay?' She didn't answer, she just looked into the hallway. 'Louis didn't eat in three days and he collapsed...He has still not waken.' I looked up to Jay, who was tearing up. 'I mad such a mistake, I need to be there for him.' I said as I walked into the hallway and into the room Louis was lying in. 


Louis was hooked up to machines. He had a pale face and he was very thin. It made me feel sick. I went up to him and sat next to him. It was quiet. I just laid my hand in his. 'Please wake up.' I whipsered. I felt so bad, like verthing was my fault. I shouldn't have let him left. Even though it was him ignoring my texts and calls, I still had to be smarter.


Half an hour later I felt Loui's hand move undernath my hand. Exited, I looked over to him and he was waking up. I let out a sigh of relief. 'Louis!' Slowly he opened his eyes and revieled his beautiful cristal blue eyes. Even though they were dull, it still found them breathtaking. 'Harry.' Louis whispered, barely hearable. 'Oh, you're awake, you don't know how relieved I am.' Louis looked at me and for a short moment he seemed to smile, but quickly his expression turned to tired again. 'Why are you back in the uk Harry?' He asked, his voice was cracked and silent. 'Lou, I missed you too much. 'Jay told me you were feeling depressed so I wanted to see you.' Louis didn't answer for a moment, he just looked at me. 'You came back for me?' 'Ofcourse.' I paused to think about what I was going to say. Then I noticed my hand was still on Louis' and he looked at our hands and didn't pull his back. 'Louis...I...I still love you...And I was worried about you. It was tearing me apart. Please tell me what happened when I you left. I want to know the truth.' Louis looked at me with eyes filled with guilt and sadness. 'I left because I want you to be Happy Harry, I want to give you a second chance to find true love, to find a girl that truly deserves you.' My eyes widened. 'Louis, I...I'm gay.' 'How do you know? Maybe I  made you think you are.' Louis argued. I sighed. 'Louis, I dated a girl when I was younger, and ofcourse I kissed her, but I didn't have any feelings, even though I really liked her. I noticed I started to look at pretty boys in stead of pretty girls. Louis, you can't make someone gay, it's who you are.' Louis looked at me, and he looked kind of relieved? 'What made you get into hospital? What happened?' I tried to understand what was going on. 'I thought I could just come back here, my hometown, and start a normal life again. But it turns out I can't...I need One Direction, I need my friends, I need the concerts, I need the fans, but what depressed me the most was that I need you Harry. I felt so lonely and heartbroken and started to feel sick.' I rubbed my tumb over Louis' hand. 'What about us now?' I asked. I just needed to ask. 'I don't know Hazz, I need some time to think. But can I ask you something?' I nodded. 'Don't leave me...I need you.' Louis sounded so broken and fragile. I had never seen him this way and it broke my heart. 'Lou, I will never leave you. No matter what you decide, no matter what happens, I will always be right beside you.' I said as I squeesed his hand.



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