Too famous to love (Larry Stylinson)

There is this perfect plan to hide a love away from the world. But what if the plan gets leaks and love tears apart? Eventually the heart will speak.


19. epilogue

Harry was leaning sitting on the couch, with little Rachel on his lap. Rachel looked just like him, she had emeral green eyes and chocolade brown curls. Rachel was now Five years old. 'Dad, daddy, look what I found.' Tommy cooed as he ran down the stairs. Tommy was their first child, he was ten years old and always took care of his little sister. 'What do you got there?' Louis said as Tommy ran to him. Tommy was a copy of his other father Louis, with his feathery lighter brown hair, and piercing blue eyes. 'It's an album, these two guys look like you and dad.' He said, pointing at the cover. Louis smiled as he saw their first album they ever recored: Up all Night. 'That's us. I told you we were in band, this was our first album.' Louis explained. 'Can you tell us about the band? About One Direction?' Tommy asked. 'He was really interested in his fathers band and so was Rachel. When their fathers told them stories about their adventures all around the world, the two kids sat there, listening in awe.


The bell ring and Tommy ran to the door. 'Uncle Niall!' He cooed. Niall walked in and inmidatly picked up Tommy to give him a tight hug. Rachel ran to the door so she could get a hug from Niall as wel. Niall visited the Tomlinson-Styles family regulary and the kids liked their uncle very much. This time Niall brough his wife Emma with him. They had a daughter called Sara and at the look of Emma's babybumb there was another kid on the way. It was reuninion night, everyone was visiting. Five minutes later Zayn, Perry and their son Jai arrived, followed by Liam, Sophia and their son Mike. Rachel, Tommy, Sarah, Jai and Mike were playing in the living room. Everyone els joined the table for dinner. Everyone had found their happy life but still shared it with eachother, and it would always be like this.

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