Too famous to love (Larry Stylinson)

There is this perfect plan to hide a love away from the world. But what if the plan gets leaks and love tears apart? Eventually the heart will speak.


5. a box filled with memories

Harry's pov

Only a day until the next concert and I'm stressed out. Like the pressure isn't worse enough I can't find the shirt I really want to wear. I opened a closet and started to take stuff out, my last attempt of trying to find what I'm looking for for two hours. Now all the stuff was lying on the ground I saw a box in the back of my closet. When I took it out and opened it I found a lot of things that touched my heart inmidiatly. Louis' old shirts with stripes, a couple sets of suspenders and his red sweats and trouses. It still smelled like him, it was a part of him. I decided to put it back, tears streaming down my face. With a heavy heart I put the clothes back in the box and into the closet, all of it except one shirt.



*What are you doing?' I asked as I saw Louis taking clothes out of our closet and making piles on the bed. 'I'm putting it in a box.' He answered. 'Why?'  'It are old clothes Haz, it's time for a new style.' 'But I like you in stripes and suspenders, it looks so cute on you.' I said, making a pouting face. Louis poked my dimple and gave me a smile. 'It's time to grow up and a clothing change is a part of it.' I slowly nodded and looked how Louis' put the clothes in a box.*

end of fb



The day was long and painful, I just wanted to sleep so I took a sleeping pill and took Louis' shirt and went to bed, the shirt in my arms. It felt like a piece of him was with me again.



'You look tired.' Ashton said as I was waiting to go on stage. 'I do? Well it's an early day.' 'Yeah...' I walked onto the stage, together with the other boys, hearing the crowd go crazy made me feel a lot better. I just realised they were screaming because of us, we filled this arena. The whole concert I just forgot my problems, I forgot my sadness, and enjoyed the concert.


As soon as it was over and the crowd left the arena, everything came back to me. We were chilling on the stage like we usual do. I sat down with Luke, Niall, Liam and Ashton and we just talked about today. Everything went well but then Ashton suddently grabbed my arm and pulled my sleeve down. It was too late to pull my arm back. 'Harry you cut yourself?!' He basicly yelled. I paniced and looked around and saw Louis looking at me with a shocked face. I looked back at Ashton who was still holding my arm. 'Harry? Why did you do that?' Ashton asked. 'I know why.' Michael said as he sat next to me and laid his hand on my shoulder. 'Ashton let go of my arm and looked at me with big eyes. 'It's no big deal.' I sighed. 'Harry, self harm isn't just something small, you need help.' Niall almost whispered. 'I don't need help!' I snapped. 'All I need is the person that I love so much, loving me back!' 'I didn't mean it that way...' Niall's voice broke, he was about to cry, and I didn't want him to cry. 'I know Niall but...' 'You need to talk to Louis.' Liam said. I looked back and saw that he left, Calum was still there and he came to sit with us. 'What going on with Louis actually? Since the break you guys don't talk anymore and you used to be so close.' Luke asked. 'I looked at Liam who gave me a supporting nod. 'We broke up.' I simeply said. 'Broke up? Like a...Relationship?' Ashton asked. 'Yes, I had a secret relationship for three years and Louis gave up on me...' 'I need a moment.' Calum said. 


I was about to leave to go home but Liam stopped me. 'Harry...I want you to sleep at my house for a while.' He said looking very serious. 'Why?'  'Because I don't want you to do stupid things.' 'Since when do I need a babysitter?' I sad quite harsh. 'I don't want to babysit you, I want to look after you.' Liam answered. I sighed. 'Whatever...I'll get my stuff. 


I sat alone on Liam's couch as he came in with a bottle and bandage. 'Harry I'm going to take care of your cuts.' Liam said as he sat himself next to me. He gentely took me arm and smeared some cream on it. 'It shrinkens the chance of getting visible scars.' He explained. 'Thank you.' 'Why didn't you just talk to Louis?' 'Would it make a difference? He doesn't care about me, not at all. Since he broke up with me I'm the only one crying. He doesn't talk to me anymore and he officially moved out.' Liam rolled the bandage around my wrist and looked at me when he was done. 'You know Louis wants to keep himself together. He wants the be the tough guy, but eventually his heart will speak.' 


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