The Truth is Deadly - Divergent Fanfiction

*A Divergent Fanfiction for the contest*
Andrew is Dauntless. Veronica is Abnegation. Their love is frowned upon, but will Candor let them be together without hiding anymore?
My first try at a fanfiction with a bit of romance thrown in... I've only really touched on these two genres before but you got to do stuff that scares you to improve ;) Constructive feedback would be awesome and I apologise if I get any of Roth's facts wrong :)
For some reason the movellas word count says this is over the limit a lot whereas microsoft word says it's not... Just wondering why's that???


4. The Lie


Bundled into a car, I saw no blood and no body.

She murdered someone? It didn’t make sense. And why Eldwin thought it was a good time to call for his Mother I don’t know. They both have curly blonde hair, but why say her when it was Dani?

We were taken to the glass rooms, each facing a different man and a recorder. The dots still floated in my vision. After what we’d just witnessed, you’d think that Candor would let us have a lie down not call us in for questioning. Looking through the glass panels, Andrew and Eldwin were on either side of me and the rooms past them were also in use. Were they all here for the same incident?

“What did you see?” The man in front of me pierced my pupils with his glare.

“A murder.” Voices sounded like they were just drifting around the air.

“Who was the culprit?”

“Another initiate, Dani.” I had to tell the truth.My hate doesn’t influence my actions.

“Thank you.”

“But why would she do it? And Eldwin said it was his mum...” The man stopped my questions.

“As I was about to say, we said that the injection was a trust test before right? This was part of the test. It was hallucination serum from Dauntless. There wasn’t a murder.

 “Since all three of you were together it was difficult but the serum managed to find someone with something in common in your past.”

“So you lied to us?” I was trembling. How could we trust them?

“We need to know if we can trust you. You may be honest everyday but we had no idea whether you’d be honest when under pressure. It’s harder to turn in someone you know.”

It was easy for me to turn her in but what about Eldwin and Andrew? Giving up your mother must be the most difficult thing in the world for Eldwin. Who did Andrew see?

Eldwin was shouting. Andrew’s head was in his hands, shaking. How could our faction do this to us?

The man stood up. “All that are honest have told the truth. You may now proceed to Truth Day.”

I should feel overjoyed making it this far, but for the first time in a while, doubt arose. They lied in order for us to tell the truth. I thought someone had died. I thought someone I knew would be arrested for murder.

I thought Candor was built on honesty.

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