Gen is just an ordinary 14 year old. so young but in this society she is not so accepted so the bullies push her over the edge.


3. the other side

I always thought that there would be some kind of heaven or hell or something. In a way I was right. I no longer feel any pain but I can still think and I can still see the world around me, like I’m in the clouds or something.

There was no God to greet me nor are there angels flying around. It’s just kind of peaceful, but I have a feeling it may get a little lonely. I can see and hear everything that goes on back down in life, but I don't think they can see or hear me.

I can see the lifeless corpse covered in thick, bloody water. I can’t believe that is me. Oh no what is my mum going to think when she sees this? Holy shit. What have I done?

My mum can’t see me like this but it’s too late to change anything. Oh no.

This is so weird. I can feel but I can’t..... Feel. This is so strange. I feel the need to cry but I don’t or cant.... whatever.

I focus down to my lifeless body and hope that it will go away before mum gets home.


I hear a door slamming downstairs. Shit. Mum’s home. I see her look around and call me name. She looks confused. I always answered her and it is around 4pm now so I should be home. She climbs the stairs with worry growing on her face more with every step she took. I yell at her trying to get her to hear me. Trying to somehow get her to turn around and go back outside. It’s getting too late. She walks into my room still calling my name. I can see her hands start to shake. She slowly makes her way to the bathroom and places her hand upon the handle. She tries to turn it but I locked it.

I can see the panic on her face as she yells my name at the top of her lungs, tears rolling down her reddened face. She kicks the door with all her force but fails to after several attempts. A voice yells from downstairs, a man’s voice, he seems panicked but I have never seen him before. He a tall, bald man with big muscles and covered in tattoos. I’m guessing he is mums new "fella" that she went away with. He runs up the stairs and joins my mother in trying to open the locked door that reveals the harsh reality that she is no longer a mother.

The door flies open and my mums deafening, painful scream fills the house. The man gets his phone out and dials 999. He looks shocked and worried. He steps outside the bathroom to talk to emergency services while mum is kneeling by the bath, holding my cold, blood covered hand, crying and screaming.

Now all that’s left to do for her is to wait.

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