Gen is just an ordinary 14 year old. so young but in this society she is not so accepted so the bullies push her over the edge.


1. the battleground

I never really liked the cold.

Half of the school obviously agrees with me because the halls were always busy now that nobody wants to be outside. I like to think of my life as positively as possible but I cannot for I have severe anxiety and depression. When asked to describe myself I would simply say that I am a 14 year old girl with black hair sweeping across my forehead with a love for rock music.

As I stood at the sides of the corridor with my earphones in. all by myself as usual because my only friends are the ones I have met online who all live in different countries so I can't hang around with them. I notice one of the girly hipster popular girls looking at me; these girls have been bullying me for a few years now which really make my depression worse.

The so called "leader" of the pack, Ashley, starts to walk in my direction, pushing people away from her path. She locks her eyes on me with an evil glare. She stands so close to me I can almost feel her perfectly manicured nails touching my dry skin. 

"Why are you such a stupid emo loser? You do realise that this entire hair thing you have going on isn't going to cover that monster of a face you have. Why do you even dress like that do you worship Satan or something?"

She takes one of my earphones out and places it in her ear to have a listen. "Ewe, why the hell to you listen to such satanic, screaming emo music? Why don't you just do yourself and everyone else a favour and kill yourself" she says bitterly, every word that comes out of her pretty little lipstick covered mouth digging into me like I am being stabbed. 

Words will never hurt me, yeah right.

Ashley looks at my jumper, more specifically my sleeves because I am holding the end of them when she gets an idea to humiliate me even further. I don't know how her torturous ways could get any worse than all the bruises and swirlys and physical violence but now it is about to get worse. She grabs my arm forcefully. She pulls my sleeve up to my elbow, exposing the cuts and scars that lay upon my wrist. She starts to gather attention from her friends and everyone else around her. 

"Look at poor emo girl, cutting again. Ha-ha. What an attention seeker?"

Everyone started laughing at me and staring so I had no choice but to get out of there.

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