The Ring

Caitlin is in love with Zayn from One Direction. She's about to start watching the live stream for their UK Movie premiere of 'This Is Us'
Caitlin sees that Perrie has an engagement ring...
What will happen to Perrie and Zayn but what will happen to Caitlin?


2. The Livestream


"I gotta get my laptop ready for the live stream!" "It's about 10 minutes until it starts." "First let me go get some snacks so I won't get hungry and miss something."

*She goes to the kitchen and gets a coke and some Cheetos*


"Ok, now I'm ready." "YES IT'S STARTING!"

*HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE UK ONE DIRECTION THIS IS US PREMIERE!, the announcer at the premiere said."We have lots of exciting stars walking the red carpet for this event including the boy's families, girlfriend's and even Simon Cowell!"*


"Ugh that ugly bitch of Perrie better not be there with Zayn."

•Caitlin had a pissed off face expression•

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