Finnick & Annie

A spin off of the Hunger games staring Finnick and Annie .

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1. First sight

* These characters belong to Suzanne Collins and I pulled the title picture from the internet *

Brown curly hair that looks in possible to tame flows down to her bottom , she's an average height and has the palest skin you have ever seen . It looks as though she's dragging dead weight up the stairs because of how slow she's walking up the them. As she turns around you can she her evergreen eyes and petite nose her mouth manages a half grin but if you look deep in her eyes you can see the sorrow that has just been sprung on her. Sure she's from a career district , number 4 to be exact , but she looks to be about 13 maybe 14 . That a rather young age to witness 23 people die all around you in the arena and perhaps murder some yourself . But the victor from 5 years ago, Finnick ,was 14. And as the announcer calls the boys name Finnick is staring at the young girl though his television in his luscious house thinking "She's beautiful she looks like she belongs in the capital, I am a mentor and I will make her a victor ." The announcer tells the tributes to shake hands and says " Lady and gentlemen meet your tributes for this years hunger games!"

Finnick runs though the town to catch the train he was suppose to be on before the reaping . As he hops though the automatic doors he sees his old mentors. Mags , a short 56 year old woman with black hair that's slowly going grey , and Harry , a tall curly haired man who wears pants that are to tight for a 42 year old. " Hello " Finnick yells because he always thinks they're going deaf . "Finnick my dear , no need to yell we ain't deaf yet " jokes Mags. Finnick wasn't that bad looking for a 19 year old , smooth face with a little stubble , perfect eyebrows , blue eyes that take the colour of the artic ocean , extremely tall for a 19 year old and he had a smile that could light up the darkest persons heart . "Nice to see you again " mumbles Harry as he chomps down on a biscuit . The door opens and in walks the announcer, nobody knows his name " The tributes are just saying goodbye to their families and then we will be off , I'll meet you in the Capitol nice to see you all again! " and leaves . Finnick's palms are clammy, everyone call him the idea of beautiful but that girl he tries to remember her name but can't . The next thing he know the doors slide open and she is standing there with tears sliding down her face and a boy next to her smiling like the joker .

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