Finnick & Annie

A spin off of the Hunger games staring Finnick and Annie .

Please leave any comments,questions or suggestions on my wall ! Thanks for reading XD <3


2. Falling for you

" Hey , you're Finnick I know because I reviewed some of the games before the reaping I really wanted to get picked it's a dream of mine a weird one I know but still I am only 15 and I want to win, at least I am not balling like a baby pfft she is 17 , you're not going to win like that by the way I am john " he holds out his hand for Finnick to shake . Finnick looks him in the eye and walks around to the girl . " Hey sweetheart , you wanna come talk to me ? I know this train inside and out I will take you to my favourite spot " Her eyes pierced though him she smiled and nodded he offered his hand but she rejected. They walk though the hallways till they get to very last room. "What's your name ? " " Annie . Annie Cresta " " Thats a nice name , mines Finnick Odair " she rolls her eyes " look you don't have to treat me like I am five , I really am 17 " You don't look it " he says with a laugh " Gee , thanks thats what every girl wants to hear " "Well , I am not going to lie " He waits for a reply but she just lays her head on the arm of the coach he sits on the other end . Finnick looks at her and says " What's your favourite colour ? " She looks utterly puzzled " I am about to go in to a game where the only chance I have of survival is to kill 23 other kids and you want to know my favourite colour ?!" " Yes " that's all he can mange to get out . She sighs and sits back up ,not as straight as Finnick is sitting she is more slouched over. " Purple , the kind that you see right before the sun goes down and the moon comes up , what about you ? " "Blue " " like your eyes ? " "Exactly". They both laughed. They kept talking about everything from there families to their dreams.

And that night Finnick laid in bed and all he could think about was Annie , from the way she looked at his lips while he talked to the way her sneezes sounded like it came from the most delicate creature and just on the other side of the wall Annie was tossing and turning because she swore when she was 5 that love doesn't exist but all she could think about was Finnick , from how soft and warm his lips look to the way his laughs sound like a cross between a teenage girl who just meet her favourite celebrity and a giant laughing his head off . And as they both stared blankly at the clear ceiling , with all the stars shining and the moon looking rounder then ever , they had the same thought , something good has come from the games it wasn't dumb luck that they pulled Annie's name it was destiny .

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