Welcome to New York City. This place is one of the most famous cities in the world and one of the loudest. It's said to be the city that never sleeps; that's because everyone is always out at night.

{ Hey guys this is just a story from me that I thought up and thought I should share. So here you go, hope you enjoy. }


3. Something to think about.


It was certainly odd of him to just ask a stranger to go around the city with him but he couldn't help it. She'd looked almost exactly like the woman he used to love, his ex. He'd never really thought of her much before this time but now was the time to move on.

No, it isn't some sappy breakup that was going through his mind. It was the fact that he left her there sick, she was very ill and he'd just left her there. 

It was four years ago and the public never actually found out, thank goodness. They'd met in London while he was on his travels with the mates, she'd happen to be a huge fan of the band. She wasn't fan crazy or even struck that she was talking to him. After that things took off. They'd secretly go on dates all that romantic crap, but sometimes they couldn't agree.

From time to time they'd fight and cry together and the world would stop revolving and he knew he'd hurt her. 

Feeling the tears coming down his cheeks he quickly rushed into his own room and wiped the tears with his two bare hands. The memories were coming back and he hated it.

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