Welcome to New York City. This place is one of the most famous cities in the world and one of the loudest. It's said to be the city that never sleeps; that's because everyone is always out at night.

{ Hey guys this is just a story from me that I thought up and thought I should share. So here you go, hope you enjoy. }


2. Green Eyed girl.

For a moment he couldn't breath, or talk, or anything really. It was like his worst nightmare was coming to visit and haunt him, but why? Why was this girl that happened to look like his old love here at his doorstep? Wow, she looked exactly alike, except for the eyes. This girls eyes were green not blue. 

Willa's POV

It was the brown hair beauty that all of her friends had been talking about, she really wasn't fond of the band or any of them in it.

Raising a brow at the celebrity she just stood there lacing her arms together across her chest. "--Excuse me?" She finally had managed to say. 

"I'm sorry but.. I just moved in next to you and I got your mail." She said with a small smile on her lips.

"Oh- right, thank you." Said Harry with a small smile in return.

"So you've just moved here? -If you'd like maybe I could show you around one day?" He mentioned in an almost desperate voice.

Before she could even think about her decision she nodded quickly and walked off almost instantly. 

"Me?.. Me.. Me?" She repeatedly whispered to herself until she got back to her apartment walking in.

"Me.." She said once again a soft yet amused tone.

Closing the front door she walked into her dining room sitting down on one of the chairs. 

"I'm going around the city with Harry Styles, a boy I have never spoken." She couldn't help but smile.

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