Swollen Darkness.

"Lou, I'm pregnant." I closed my eyes, as if trying to imagine him in the room, slapping me, even though he was in Australia right now.
"What? But Nat, we haven't-"
Stopping my tears, I added, "You see, here's the catch. I'm sorry Lou, but it's not.. it's not your's."
Dead silence.
"I'm coming home."


11. Voice It Up.

Hey lovelies..

So glad to have you guess read Swollen Darkness. So figured out who the father is? Is it to obvious? Is it complicated? HINT- It's twisty, but interesting. So, just let me know in the comments who you think could be the one who took Natalie home that night and did this horrible thing to her.

And wow, it's gonna be a girl! Yay! But here's the problem, I dont know what should be her name. :( Let me know in the comments what you think should be Louis's and Natalie's daughter's name. Should be catchy at the least. What about Kevinly? Lol.. too stupid. Lets see what's the best you guys can com up with.

                                     Thanks again. -Love, WeekendFreak XD

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