Swollen Darkness.

"Lou, I'm pregnant." I closed my eyes, as if trying to imagine him in the room, slapping me, even though he was in Australia right now.
"What? But Nat, we haven't-"
Stopping my tears, I added, "You see, here's the catch. I'm sorry Lou, but it's not.. it's not your's."
Dead silence.
"I'm coming home."


9. Top Of The World.

Natalie's POV

Never did I ever imagine about beginning a morning with with the most terrible poison in the world- Oatmeal. I just hate that stuff. It's gooey, sticky and sick-looking. Hell, it doesn't even have a taste. No offense. But that's not the worse part. Louis, of all people, was the done who forced me to have it. Louis! I never took him for an authority figure, but there he was, forcing me to gulp down that horrifying piece of shit down my throat.

I shouted. "Ew! Lou, I seriously can't have it! It's so gross!"  

He calmed me."Ok. Don't take it as oatmeal. Take it as something that can either save or kill the life developing in your belly. The choice is all yours." 

Well, that was an interesting way of putting it. And of course I wanted to save the baby, so I had it. And Louis promised to have one bowl of it with me too. And, for the first time in my life, I had a complete bowl of Oatmeal. Oh wow! I and Louis high-fived.

Now that is what you call sacrifice

Louis phone started to ring. He picked it up and said, "Hey Paul!"


"What? No kidding?"


"Well, I'm kinda busy here."


"Alright man. For Lux. Bye."

He kept the phone and said to me, "Sorry. He put up a gig for us guys. I have to go."

I smiled. "It's okay. I'll live by."

He asked, "Hey, why don't you come with me? You don't have anything else to do, right?"

I liked the idea. "I can, actually. I had plans to set my kitchen on fire, but I guess that can wait."

Louis laughed. "Liam would have been more than happy to save your kitchen." He pulled me up from my seat. "Hurry up, we've got about twenty minutes in hand."

Like always, I put on a bunch of woolens to hide my baby bump. Then, I slid my foot into my shoes and said, "I'm good to go."

But Louis didn't make a move. He motionlessly looked at me for a moment too long and then, he walked to me. He started taking off my jacket first, and then the rest of my layers until all that was left on my body was my dress. I didn't have a clue about what he was doing.

"Lou, what are you doing? I need the clothes to hide the bump, remember?"

He kneel down and kissed my bump. "There is no need to hide this beauty anymore."


At the gig, the place was full. Reporters streamed the place like tattoos on the Prison Break guy's body. Outside the building, fans crowed the entire area. When I and Louis arrived, the camera flash got more spontaneous mainly because it was the first time, I had actually showed off my bump. I mean, who am I kidding right? It was quite obvious but still, it didn't fail to scare the shit out of me.  

Once inside, things got better. Both of us went into the green-room where the rest of the boys were. All of them stood up in surprise to greet me. Their eyes refused to move from my bump. 

Harry and Niall said together, "Wow!" 

Liam asked me, "Is that even real?"

Louis stood up defensively, "Of course it's real! It's my second-most favourite round thing in the world, after pizza. And football."

All of us laughed. 

Zayn sat down in front of me. "Can I touch it?"

"Yeah, sure. I don't mind." I smiled.

Although I had permitted only Zayn, soon all the guys were circling around me, like I was the Buddha or something. It was weird but it felt quite good.I looked over at Louis and shrugged. Beneath me, the lads were touching at my belly as if it was a piece of art. Niall looked up to ask, "It's so lovely! Can we kiss it?"

I grinned. "No problem."

All of them planted a kiss on my overhanging belly, leaving sweet messages for the baby. Soon, they got up and started to congratulate me and Louis. It was quite difficult for me to hug them, but I tried the best I could. Niall asked, "When is this angel due?"

"It's with Robbie William's birthday." Louis declared proudly.

Harry exclaimed, "Awesome! That's so great! You're gonna make a wonderful mother, Nat."

I smiled. "Thanks a lot, Har-"  

Paul thrust open the door, "It's time, boys!" His eyes spotted me and then went down to my belly. "Holy Mary! Natalie, you're pregnant?!"

I opened my mouth to reply, but he answered his own question. "Oh Lord! I'm so happy for you and Louis. Congrats!" He gave me a peck on my cheek.

"Thanks Paul." Louis hugged him. 

Paul got serious again. "Ok guys. It's time."

All the lads waved goodbyes to me and filed out of the room. Louis kissed me on the forehead and walked with me till the back side of the podium. We both parted when One Direction had to get onstage. And this is how the conference started.


Louis' POV

Like any other conference, the reporters from various magazines, radios, news papers, and channels of New York had come to ask us questions. But what was different was that

this time, the centre of the questions was neither our new tour, nor was it about the new album. It was all about me and Natalie.

One asked, "Louis, is it true that you and Natalie Peterson are having a hard time and are planning to break up?"

Before I could answer, Paul jumped in and said, "No personal questions please. Only questions relating to the new World Tour are allowed."

I mouthed a 'thank you' to him. But I knew that it wasn't true. Zayn gets asked about Perrie all the time, Liam gets asked about Sophia, Harry.. well, we all know him. Niall is the only one single, but he gets questioned about that too. So, why can't I answer a few questions about Natalie?

The flow of questions came in with a great magnitude. Towards the end, a women stood up. She asked, "Louis, is it true that Natalie Peterson is pregnant?"

This time, the guys tried to save me. Liam asked, "Sorry what was that again?"

Harry mocked, "She asked if Niall is pregnant with Zayn!"

Everybody laughed, except me. I immediately took the mic and said, "Thanks lads. But I guess I would like to answer this intriguing question. Yes, Natalie is pregnant. And both of us are very happy and excited about it." I stood up from my chair. "And to tell you the truth, it is complete bullshit that we are breaking up. Because we are not! I love her more than anyone else in the world. And if we do break up, it will be when Niall is pregnant with Zayn! Thank you. Next question please." I slipped into my chair.

The crowd was a confused lot, trying to keep their minds from blowing out about the truth and also trying keep themselves from laughing. Paul came upon the stage, and announced, "I guess that's enough for tonight. Thank you all for coming!" He walked to me and hugged me. "I'm proud of you, Louis. Well done!"

"Thanks man. Hey Paul, can you make sure my family doesn't get to know about this? I wanna surprise them."

He winked and replied, "Sure bro. I'm on it."

Once done, all the five of us filed out of the podium. Backstage, all most all of the crew members rushed to me to congratulate me about the baby. I shook their hands and hugged them. But my eyes were searching for Natalie. After a while, I finally spotted her in one corner, crying her heart out. I ran to her, "Are you alright?"

She wiped her eyes. "You actually told everyone about the baby!"

"I just thought that it was time they knew."

She rubbed her nose and smiled."Thank you for loving a wreck like me."

I pulled her into my arms. "Trust me, I've seen worse." Honestly, I haven't. But come on, who wants to break her heart?  

From a far away land, we heard Liam shout, "Incoming!!"

Niall ran to me like his ass was on fire. "You're gonna have it this time, Louis!"

He jumped into me and both of us got into a fierce guy-fight. Niall asked while he wrapped his arm around my neck, "Do I look pregnant to you?"

All of us laughed. 


Natalie's POV

We spent the rest of the day together in my place. It felt good to be surrounded by people who just love life and like to live it up. But back in my head, I was still surprised by the fact that Louis had actually announced it to the entire world that we are pregnant. It's not like I didn't want anybody to know.. I did. But somehow, I still thought that deep inside, there was this tiny little piece of him which was still ashamed of the fact that I was holding a baby of a complete stranger. 

Now, I guess I was wrong. And this was the first time it felt good to be wrong.

While the guys did their guy-things, i.e. play with their PSPs and discussed about the latest scores of some football games, I dropped into the kitchen to make some food. That is when my phone started to vibrate. It was a message. From Dr. Court. It read-

It's gonna be a girl! Congratulations!!

Oh my God! 

I know that I was rooting for a boy, but as long as it had a gender, I don't give a shit. I was just so thrilled!

I walked to the living room as fast as I could. ("You can't run when your preggy, 'coz your belly might drop off," Dr. Court had told me.) Looking up at me, all jumpy and adrenalized, Louis asked, "Something exciting, love?"

I flashed my phone to his face. "Guys, it's gonna be a girl!"

Louis threw his PSP controller on the floor. "Sweet mother of God! That's such a great news!!" He kissed me almost everywhere on my face. Then, he bent down to kiss my belly at least ten times. I had never seen him so exhilarated and excited before, but I didn't expect anything less too .

The lads were all like- "I'm gonna be her favorite uncle!" "No, I'm gonna be her favorite!" "Come on, everybody knows that kids just love me!" "Oh please. Cut the crap!"

All I could do was laugh.

But unfortunately, my head started to spin again. Louis dragged me out of the room and took me to bed. "You need to rest. Go get some sleep."

I forced a smiled. "Thanks. And just tell me when you decide which one of the guys get to babysit her, okay?"

Louis shook his head. "Nope, thats never happening. I'm not gonna let any of those dip shits near my angel!" 

I laughed. 

He bent down to kiss my forehead and then my baby bump. And finally I closed my eyes.

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