Swollen Darkness.

"Lou, I'm pregnant." I closed my eyes, as if trying to imagine him in the room, slapping me, even though he was in Australia right now.
"What? But Nat, we haven't-"
Stopping my tears, I added, "You see, here's the catch. I'm sorry Lou, but it's not.. it's not your's."
Dead silence.
"I'm coming home."


4. That Night.

Natalie's POV

 "It happened while you were on tour." I started, right from the very beginning. "Megan threw a party at a bar because she just got promoted. She begged me to come, and so I went. But I was quite lonely out there, so she put me up with some guy. Jake." I could feel Louis drawing up to conclusions. I pleaded, "It's not like that. He's gay. And his girlfriend was driving him crazy because of that. So Megan figured that since I was lonely and Jake was depressed, maybe we both could be good company for each other."

Louis pressed on. "Then what happened?"

"Well, the party went on. I and Jake had a hell of a lot of fun. Towards the end, both of us got so drunk. I mean literally, so damn drunk! We were dancing and singing… doing everything we possibly can in a bar." The hard part kicked in. "I don't remember what happened after the party. I guess I went home with Jake. But the next morning, he wasn't there in my house. About couple of weeks later, I started feeling awkward. Tired mostly. Then I tested myself and got to know I was pregnant." I didn't dare to look at Louis.

But his anger wasn't hard to sense. He stood up and yelled, "So you're telling me that some random gay guy, you met in your best friend's party, got you pregnant?!"

I had to explain. "Lou, it's not like that! The last part is more like an assumption. I've not been with any other guy other than him, while you were away. And I was so damn drunk.. I barely remember a thing!"

Louis walked out of the room, saying, "Come on, get dressed. We are going to meet this friend of yours."


Jake was an average guy, only a little younger than Louis. He had told me that he works in a cafe in the 7th Avenue, and that is where we went to meet him. But two celebs, walking together into an average cafe, in broad daylight in a city like New York can start not less than a dozen of scandals and rumors . That is why I wanted to stop Louis. I told him that we could arrange to meet Jake somewhere private, but he went all like, "What if he runs away when he realizes that we know that the baby is his, huh?" 

That was subtle.

So we went. Like I already knew, people were everywhere. The flashes of the cameras almost blinded me. My head started to spin again. Normally, Louis would hold my hand when we would walk together in public. But today, he just hopped out of the driving seat, opened the door to get out, shut his door, and switched the door lock. He simply waved a little at the cameras and rushed inside. Just like that. 

I stood there, like an idiot, trying to figure out if he had actually ditched me (PUBLICLY, that is!), not to mention that my head was killing me and I was having a hard time covering my baby bump while the cameras screened every little part of me, trying to get a flaw in order to ignite a nasty rumor or two.

Once we were inside the cafe, things started to look normal. We took a table at an isolated corner, as far from the window as possible. Louis instructed one of the waiters to call out for Jake. While we waited, two little girls came up to Louis to take his picture. Louis hugged them tightly, posed with them and flashed one of his priceless smiles towards their pink camera. I simply stared at the three of them. How happy Louis seemed with them.

Why couldn't I just keep him happy, instead of causing him all the trouble in the world? 

"Hey!" a familiar voice greeted me from behind. I turned around to see Jake, with a clean brown apron hanging from him neck.

 "Hey Jake." I got up to hug him, but fell back into the seat. My head was spinning like a tornado. Jake leaned down to give me a quick hug and then looked at Louis. "Um, Jake this is Louis. Louis, meet Jake."

Jake gave me a weird eye. "Jeez, Natalie! You don't have to introduce him. The entire world knows his face." Both men shook their hands.

"So, what can I do for you?" Jake asked.

Louis lost his cool. "Well, the best you can do is tell us the truth." He glared at Jake.

Jake directly looked at me, and I said, "I think you should sit down." I tried to smile.

"Okayyy.." Jake seriously had no clue of what was going on. He took a seat beside me, careful to keep a safe distance from Louis.

I turned to Jake. "Jake, I don't know how to tell you this. Umm.. It's just that… I… It's like-"

"She's pregnant dumb!" 

That was strike two for Louis.

I gave Louis a stern gaze, hoping he would just keep shut for once. Then, I turned to Jake, who was all like, "OMG! Congratulations my girl! I'm so happy for both of you!"

I shook my head. "Jake the thing is, it's… It's yours."

Jake started to laugh. Loudly. "Very funny, Nat. Truly, I'm touched." He kept laughing. But he shut up as soon as he saw my face.

"I'm serious, Jake. Don't you remember Megan's party? Both of us were so drunk. We barely even remember anything. It could have easily been a mis-"

"HELL NO! Nat, crack you're brains a little bit. I never left the party with you." Jake protested.

"What??" Louis and I said in unison.

"I knew you were more drunk than me." He placed the fact. "Don't you remember? We broke apart way early when Megan took you with her to introduce you to some of her friends at work. After that, I didn't see you until about an hour later when you texted me. You told me to leave without you because you were gonna spend the night with some guy. You said he was a friend from school." He shrugged. "So, I left. Without you." 

I didn't believe him. 

Jake dug into his pocket and showed us the text. "See?"

Hey, Nat here. I'm gonna go wid my frnd from skl. U can leave wid out meeeeeeeeee. Byyyyeeeeeeee. <3  


The excess of the 'e's was enough evidence that that night, I was a hell of a qualified drunkard. I bit my lip and looked at Louis. He had his mouth covered by his hands, disappointment in his eyes. 

What now?


None of us spoke a word in the car. Once home, I started to feel dizzy again. I sat down on the couch and that is when Louis bursted out like the volcanoes in Japan. 

"You heard what Jake said? What do you want me to do now?" His face was red.

I didn't have an answer. So, I did what I always do when I don't have an answer. I cry. 

Louis threw up his hands in dismay. "Yes, you do that Natalie. And I'll just sit here and wait for the answer to fly to me."

"Louis...I told you. I'm sorry." I tried to stop my tears. "I didn't know anything about what Jake just said. I had no idea that-"

"That what? That you were foolish enough to sleep with some random guy you met in a bar? Just tell me," he walked towards me and asked "do you even remember who that guy was?".

I shook my head. "I told you already. I don't remember anything about that night. I swear." I begged.

But he didn't believe me. "And you expect me to live with that? You know even realize hard it is to wake up everyday, knowing that your girlfriend is pregnant with someone else's child? And worse, now you don't even know who that 'someone else' is! Jesus, this is so bullocks!" His words hit me like a dagger.

I wish I could do something about this. But I couldn't. At this stage, I was no better than what Louis was: Clueless. 

I reached out and held his hand. "I know how hard this must for you. And I'm sorry Lou. I really am. But-"

He jerked away my hands. "Just stop it, alright? Quit saying that you're sorry. It's no use because either way, you're the one whose making it harder." Louis pressed his temples. "What do you want me to do now, Nat? Sit here crying with you?"

I kept weeping."No. I just need you to be here for me. Please, don't go away now. Please." 

I couldn't stand losing him. He is all I have. Even the thought of it made me feel weaker.

Louis raised his eye brows. "Be here for you? I'm trying the best can, Nat! Cant you see? I travelled half-way around the world, left my tour and my friends, just so I can help you clear out the mess. But now, you think I'm not helping you?" He grabbed my shoulders and shook me, hard. "Open up your eyes, Natalie! You're the mess yourself. Clear out your head and decide what you want. And remember, I can't help you if you can't  avoid making stupid mistakes like this, with such heavy consequences. I can't help you! "

His hold around my shoulders got harder with every word. He was starting to hurt me.

"Louis, you're hurting me!" I tried to break free from his hold.

He didn't listen."Oh yeah? And what about me? You think I'm not hurt by all of this?"

He didn't understand what I was referring to.

His hands clutched me so tight, I couldn't breathe. I pushed him away, until his had to fight for balance. He momentarily stared at me.

I ordered him. "You need to leave. Now." I went over to the front door and opened it for him.

He opened his mouth to defend himself, but shut it. He walked out of the door, and didn't turn back until it was too late because I already shut the door.



Hey guys, thanks for reading so far. Is it getting boring? I wonder sometimes. Anyways, I forgot to mention that if you remember from Tell Me A Lie, Louis talked to Natalie about some people from his label who were interested in signing her up. Well, that is how she's so famous ryt now. She has one song out so far- Bitch Please. And it's an world-wide hit. (Kinda on similar lines like What Makes You Beautiful.. LOL (: ).

Ok, so this is what I wanted to say. Keep breathing and keep reading. :)

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