Swollen Darkness.

"Lou, I'm pregnant." I closed my eyes, as if trying to imagine him in the room, slapping me, even though he was in Australia right now.
"What? But Nat, we haven't-"
Stopping my tears, I added, "You see, here's the catch. I'm sorry Lou, but it's not.. it's not your's."
Dead silence.
"I'm coming home."


10. Premium Rush.

Natalie's POV

Waking up in the morning, with Louis looking curiously into my face, was very awkward. "What?" I asked. 

I rubbed my face, only to realized that I was practically sweating. Did I have a bad dream?

Louis replied. "You kept saying a guy's name last night.."

I thought he was joking. So, I smiled and asked, "Really? Who was it?"

He continued to keep a serious face."You kept saying 'Freddie' all night. Who is he?"

Wow. I dreamt about my dead best friend's brother.

Now, I knew he wasn't kidding. "Freddie? Well, he is Amanda's brother. He was my friend, but then stuff got weird. He's in a mental asylum now."

Interested, he asked, "Why? What happened?"

"Well, first he was suspended for attacking a teacher at school for giving him an F. After that, he got really crazy. He started to beat up students in random. Rumor has it that, once he forced himself on a girl. Her parents complained to the school. But he never stopped. He kept stalking her everywhere. Amanda was the one who suggested her parents to send him to the asylum for a couple of years. It's a sad story."

He kept pushing. "Oh wow! What a monster!"

"Yeah. I know."

Louis whispered, "Hey, it's okay. I'll keep our baby safe. Don't worry."

I smiled. "I know you will." 

Oh I almost forgot!

"Lou, I got some good news."

"I got into the AMAs for Single Of The Year." I giggled.

"Oh my my! That is so amazing! We boys are gonna be there too. We should definitely go together, eh?" He put his arms around me.

"Definitely. But there a problem…" I flinched.

Louis wanted to know. "What is it?"

"The baby. It's gonna be like 9 months old then. And I don't know if Sarah can arrange for a dress for me to hide the bump."

Louis gave a cocky smile," Then don't. Nat, this is the most beautiful thing in the world." He placed his hands on my belly." I don't want you to hide it anymore."

I raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

He pulled my cheeks. "Yes, lovely. Now go tell Sarah to stop searching for a bulbous dress for you!"

"Ok!" I put the sheets aside and got up. "So, where are the boys?"

Louis dug his head inside the pillow and called out, "In the living room."

But there are no beds in the living room..

I stepped out to see all four of the boys, lying unconsciously on the couch. Harry was on the floor, popcorn stuck in his hair. Liam was so deep in his sleep, he didn't realize that he was breathing into Zayn's socks. Niall was, unexpectedly, snoring like a pig. Damn, he was loud.

I got into the kitchen for some breakfast, but disaster struck when Louis shouted from bed, "Breakfast is on the table! Have it!"

I looked over at the table. Porridge. And banana juice. Gross!

"I know it's gross, but you gotta have it for the baby, Nat! Please!," Louis shouted from his bed.

For the baby. Come on, Nat.

I took one spoonful of the porridge and put it in my mouth. Yuck! But I gulped it down anyway. That's when this fabulous idea clicked in.

I took the bowl and the juice. I tip-toed to the living room to Harry on the floor. "Harry, wake up!" I whispered into his ears.

He jerked up. "Huh?"

"I got Banana juice for you!" I showed him the glass. I knew that he loves bananas. 

PS- I was a pretty hard-core Directioner before, you know. 

"Really? So sweet of you." He smiled and reached for the glass, but I pulled it away.

"First, you have to have this." I showed him the bowl of porridge.

He looked into the bowl, then at the glass and then at me. You could tell he was damn hungry. 

I pasted a wide smiled.

He made up his mind. "Fine!"

He took the porridge, finished it in a minute ( how on earth did he??) and grabbed the glass of banana juice. 

My job was done. "Good boy!"


When I reached Sarah's office, conversing with her got hard because she had so much to say. 

"Natalie!!" she yelled when I opened the door.

"Hey." I waved my hand.

She pasted her eyes on my belly. "Wow-ow! Look at that massive beauty!" She ran her hands over it. "So cute!"

Cute?! I had to have freakin Oatmeal because of it!! 

I laughed at her misconception,"You have no idea!"

She pushed me into the sofa. "So, I heard all about the 1D conference yesterday. What a sweet way of telling the world about the baby!"

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah. I know. And now, I want a maternity dress. No hiding the bump, like I had said before."

She was taken aback. "Ok. So now you want to show off your bump?"

I opened my mouth to reply.

"Which is perfect 'coz I have just what you need. I don't have a picture of it right now, but thats okay. You see, it's this really elegant piece. And it has a lot of complex designs-"

She kept talking, but my mind was elsewhere. Complex. Complex. Complex.

The word echoed in my head.

"I know that you and I are complex, Natalie! But just trust me.." Someone's voice spoke in my mind. It was a masculine voice.

Who can it be?

The unknown voice kept speaking in my head. "Love me. Please love me, Natalie."

Who was it?

That was when I realized. It wasn't a stranger. I knew this guy.

And I think he was the father of my baby.

I stood up and said, "Sorry Sarah. I have to go!" 

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