Swollen Darkness.

"Lou, I'm pregnant." I closed my eyes, as if trying to imagine him in the room, slapping me, even though he was in Australia right now.
"What? But Nat, we haven't-"
Stopping my tears, I added, "You see, here's the catch. I'm sorry Lou, but it's not.. it's not your's."
Dead silence.
"I'm coming home."


15. Lucky? You Don't Say.

Louis' POV

Jesus.. I was just so excited! I could feel goosebumps all over my arms. Not that these award ceremonies got me thrilling, but the fact that the due date was so near could make me dance the night away. "We know the feeling." Harry patted my shoulder and said. I smiled and nodded in utter glee.

I straightened my tie one last time. I couldn't wait to see Natalie. I turned to the lads and said "I'm going to head downstairs and wait for limo."

Niall made a face."Yeah yeah.. we all know your eyes are just so thirsty to have a sight of Natalie!" 

Duh. He can be so dramatic.

So, I braced my steps and rushed downstairs until I was encountered by the most beautiful mortal being of all tenses.

"Shameless," she smiled. "Couldn't even wait." Sarah was still zipping up her dress, which was the most staggering piece of all compositions ever… 

"Oh please!" I snapped. "Now will you please hurry. I've got an international appearance to make." 

Natalie giggled. And so skipped my heart a beat. 


Natalie's POV

Frankly, I don't want to seem to be exaggerating or hyperventilating but yes.. AMAs is a place for the enviable. THIS is the heaven of Paradise!!

When the limo parked in front of the red carpet, I squeezed Louis' hand on my lap. "It's alright. Just think of you're idol naked. Always helps." He coughed. "Seems like someone is gonna have mental porn with me.."

I made a face. "Get over yourself, Tommo. I was hoping for a stripped George Clooney."

He face palmed, and so did all all the other lads. "What is with women and George Clooney!!"


Stepping onto the red carpet, nervousness wasn't the emotion of greatest magnitude of dominancy in my head. It was sympathy: for the soft red velvety carpet beneath my feet. It was so irritatingly soft, you wouldn't even want to set a feather on it. But after much interrogation, and pictures, and re-interrogation, we were finally inside. Weirdly, I never even once had to introduce myself. The people.. well practically KNEW my name by heart. Awkward alert!


Once the program me started, even the butterflies in my stomach had to stop to listen to Jamie Foxx grab the show. Isn't he just fab or what? I know right? Well, my attention simply HAD to be divided between 1: the army of women literally tearing their eyes off on me and my table I shared with the lads (jealous much?) and 2: the numerous glamorous pastries lying on the table. You name it, it's here. I had literally licked away all of my lipstick trying to keep myself from eating the food!

Well, the program went on and on.. with magnificent performances and fighting-chance wins which left some disappointed (how can Keith Urban POSSIBLY lose it to Blake Shelton?!) and some cheering out of triumph(One Direction for Best Looking Artist! Yeah bitch!) But after all that fun, the most sensational and ass-shaking moment arrived. The announcement of the category in which I was fortunate enough to be nominated to- The Single Of The Year. 

To look at it, my win was pretty much taking tequila shots in the pool of the Easy Loses, 'coz who are you kidding? Fucking 1D, Rihanna, and other off-the-charts artists were in the category with me! They would win even if their stars said they would be ass-fried and wasted in Miley Cyrus' party and will be held for eternity, like Chris Brown. Get my point, right?

The flawless Beyonce took over to present the award. "Hello New York!" The crowd had never been louder. "I am completely honored to present the award for the Single Of The Year. Just so you guys do not dare to overlook this talent, the single of the winner tonight set the charts all over the world on gasoline fire! And the winner, my personal favorite" she winked, "is.." You know, the dramatic pause and stuff, "Natalie Peterson for her only single Bitch Please."

Everyone started to clap, and so did I. Beside me, Louis screamed out with glittering merriment. I wondered if he was screaming so loud because he had a thing for the winner maybe.. I envied her. BTW, who was the winner again? Natalie right? Well, that did ring a weird bell of familiarity in my head…


I. WON. 



I laughed. 

I. BLEEPING. WON. (Sorry, I cuss a lot when happy and pissed)(also while watching Paranormal Activity)


I sat for the longest time in history with my eyes split open, throat arid dry, and and my lips separated by the width of the Rockies. I think I would have sat flat on my shock-stricken ass for longer if my table wasn't full of five British (and Irish)maniacs jumping and screaming my name as if their favorite football team had just won. Louis got up and kissed me on my forehead, left cheek, right cheek, temples… well, I lost the coordinates. Finally, his mouth land on mine, and when he is super-excited, he does this weird thing with his tongue. And somehow, it always gets me turned on. 

Physically aware of the clocks ticking and the number of individuals watching my dumb show live, I got up. All eyes were on me. Or were they looking at my huge baby bump? Gulping down whatever was there to gulp, I started to walk. Cameras lined up in front of me, capturing my every move. I took a step, only to come close to realization. I turned around. 

"What's wrong?," Louis asked.

I took his hand "Come with me." I took Niall's hand too. "Please guys."

Louis smiled, and pulled up Harry beside him. "Come on lads. Fair show for our Gucci suits await."

The lads got up, hugged and congratulated me one by one, and together we headed to the stage. This felt righter than right.

Once on stage, Beyonce gave my symbol of victory, hugged me tight, and whispered, "You and I have some songs to make, honey." 

"Y-yeah..okay." Not the best reply to the Glam Diva of the world, is it?

She dispersed, and the mic fell over the front of my mouth. I looked the audience, sea of the richest and talented.

"A thank you to your management would suffice." Harry whispered to me.

But I had more in my mind. "Hello folks! Wow..umm.." I breathed heavily, "this is for my song, right? Would have written it decades ago if I knew it would be worth this pretty show piece!" The crowd clapped. "Then again, decades ago, I wasn't as driven as I am today because then these lads beside me, who inspired me so much, weren't born. Well, neither was I, for a start. But you see my point here right? All I'm trying to say is, other than my amazing management and my out-of-the-world fabulous fans, these five stupid lads, or in common terminology known as One Direction, are the ultimate reason for what I am today. Honestly guys," I turned my head to meet their eyes, "thank you so much. Seriously. And this beauty," I patted my baby bump, "is 'coz of them again." The audience laughed, and I realized how it had just sounded. "Oh.. no no no.. not in that sense." I grabbed Louis' hand beside me, "This band is the reason I was fortunate enough to meet this exquisite piece of all creations. Tommo. And he has given me the greatest gesticulation-,"

Louis pointed, "English, little geek." 

I rewrote my script. "Show of love: this." I ran my hand over my bump. "So, in a nutshell, thank y-" 


I felt dizzy. "Woah.. Felt like I lost a pound. What just-" I turned my head to Louis. 

He face was unreadable, "Niall, Zayn! Grab her." And they did. My moved my mouth to ask what was wrong, but silence overtook my voice. Louis headed backstage, while Harry deliberately spoke into his phone to someone. Liam grabbed my face, "Nat, just stay cool. Peaceful thoughts, alright?"

Finding my voice, I asked, "Just tell me what's going on!"

He looked to the floor. "Mum's gonna kill me for saying this to a pregnant lady." When his eyes found peace, he looked at me and said, "You're water just broke, Nat!"

Blink. Blink

And blank.


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