Swollen Darkness.

"Lou, I'm pregnant." I closed my eyes, as if trying to imagine him in the room, slapping me, even though he was in Australia right now.
"What? But Nat, we haven't-"
Stopping my tears, I added, "You see, here's the catch. I'm sorry Lou, but it's not.. it's not your's."
Dead silence.
"I'm coming home."


3. Bumpy Roads.

Natalie's POV

After Louis left, I vomited once again. The blood coming out of my mouth made me feel like a Vampire, only in a reverse way. I had been crying so much, which only added to my tiring dizziness. Sarah called me again for the fitting of the dress for the AMAs, which was like months way. I checked out the photo of the dress she had sent me. It looked something like this.


It was so pretty, but tight? You see, by the time the AMAs will be here, the baby will be almost 9 months old. Its not like I'm ashamed to show off my baby bump; after Kim Kardashian and all, it has almost become a trend. I was just worried about Louis and what it might do to our relationship. I wasn't ready to lose him, and I also hated myself for making such a hideous mistake like this. Either way, I had to talk to Sarah about the dress. It was really pretty, but I had to choose one which could hide my bump. And I wouldn't dare to ask her to let me skip the AMAs because it is necessary for good publicity and blah blah blah… all that shit.

So, I put on some heavy woolens to hide my small baby bump and drove to Sarah's office.

It was about nine in the morning, but there were people in front of the building screaming my name. Some of them held bright banners with my name and pictures. "NATALIE, WE LOVE YOU!", one said. Most of the girls wore T-shirts with my face on it. Some were singing my song, 'Bitch Please.' The paparazzi's were busy taking pictures of me.

God, this is gonna take some time to get use to.

I got out of the car, signed as many as autographs as I could and hurried for Sarah. In her room, she was busy with her laptop. 

"Morning, sunshine!" She exclaimed upon seeing me.

I took my place on the couch. Damn, my head was spinning again. "Hey. I was wonderin-"

"How did you like my dress? It's amazing right?" She rushed from her table to sit beside me, concerned.  

I pasted a smile. "Yeah. It's absolutely beautiful. But you see, there is this tiny little prob-"

She snapped at me."It's Louis, isn't it?"

Hold it. She knew?

She added to say, "Hey, I understand. Beyonce once got told by Jay-Z for wearing too tight dresses. I wouldn't be surprised if you got told by Louis." She smiled.

"Oh." That was close. "Yeah, you how concerned he can be sometimes. Haha.." I let out an awkward laugh.

"So, tell me.. how should the dress be? More cocktail? More royal?" She took a note book to pin down my points. 

I suggested. "I was actually thinking about more frills and that kinda stuff. And loose." 

Sarah raised an eyebrow, and made a disgusting face. "Eeewwww… Frills? Why? It's not even a trend."

I grinned. "Well, you know what Gandhi said. You gotta be the change you wanna see. Right?" Damn, she is so hard to convince. 

Her face hardened. "I don't give a fuck about what Gandhi said!" She moved closer to me, narrowing her eyes. "Nat, is there something you wanna tell me about, which concerns the dress? Because if there is, I need to know it right away." She nodded.

I knew it was time.

I took deep breath. I hate these dialogues in movies. Today, I realized I hate it in reality too. "I'm pregnant, man."

Sarah's eyebrows raised to a new height. "Oh sweet mother of God!! Nat, congrats." She shook my hands madly. "I had always wanted to do maternity dresses."

I grabbed her shoulders to get her to focus. "This has to be a secret. Please Sarah." I had to lie by partially covering the truth."Louis and I are not ready to tell everyone about it yet."

"Oh. Thats ok." She put down the notebook and took my hand. "I'll see what I can do. But it's definitely not going to be frills. Alright?" She smiled.

I nodded. "Thanks. And please don't tell anyone about it."

She stood up and winked. "You're lucky I like baby bumps."


When I left, I wanted to visit Louis but I didn't know in which hotel he was crashing in. I could have easily found out his location from Twitter, but my head was killing me. It was not only my head. My entire body was going weird, including my boobs. All of a sudden, I felt like Bella in Breaking Dawn Part 2; weak, tired and hopeless. I almost drove into a post 'cuz I couldn't keep my eyes open. Was this normal for pregnant ladies? I needed to check out on wiki.


Back at home, Billy(my gate keeper) greeted me at the gate saying, "Surprise surprise."

I was expecting him to be referring to some package, with baby supplies with a letter saying "Everyone knows about that you're pregnant someone else's child, Natalie! You're ruined! YAY!!". But instead, I was welcomed by Louis who was lying on my bed, sleeping. He hadn't even opened his shoes. I simply smiled.

I sat beside him, running my fingers through his hair; something I had longed to do for a very long time. I gently touched his face, his jawline absolutely unmissable. I slowly reached down to kiss his temples. His eyes seemed to have rested after a very longtime. How long has it been since I had last seen him so peaceful?

After much awaiting, Louis started to wake up. His grey-ish blue eyes opened to meet mine. He got up almost immediately, as if trying to wonder how he had fallen asleep in the first place. He didn't even look at me for the second time. The tension was too much to handle. 

I took his hand. "Hey."

He quickly looked at my bump and let go of my hand. "Hey." It was almost a whisper.

Well, at least he said something. "Did you miss it here?" I wanted to know.

He sat down near me. "I just couldn't sleep."

"Why?" I asked.

Tell me you missed me. Please Louis.

His face hardened. "Because I need to know how it happened. All of it." 

His eyes asked me an unvoiced question.

This was the first time in my life that I hated myself for knowing the answer.

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