Swollen Darkness.

"Lou, I'm pregnant." I closed my eyes, as if trying to imagine him in the room, slapping me, even though he was in Australia right now.
"What? But Nat, we haven't-"
Stopping my tears, I added, "You see, here's the catch. I'm sorry Lou, but it's not.. it's not your's."
Dead silence.
"I'm coming home."


7. Aye Aye.

Natalie's POV

It was about six in the morning when I woke up. Beside me, Louis was missing. Well, it wasn't a first. Maybe he had some work. That was the moment when I heard something clinking in the kitchen. It got louder by the minute.

Did I lock the doors last night?

I sat up. There was someone in the kitchen. Good thing, I always keep my baseball racket by my bed for such 'there-is-someone-in-the-house' situations. I took the racket, swung it around once (just to check my flow) and there I was. Assassin, here I come.

From my kitchen, the sounds kept coming. FYI- I'm a huge fan of Castle. Beckett is my all-time favorite. So, very delicately (like Beckett), I took my steps towards the kitchen and as soon as I reached there, I took a complete 90 degrees turn and shouted, "Put your hands where I can see them!" 

Too dramatic? Yeah,I know. 

Louis looked at me with his mouth full of chips, his hands up in the air. I breathed out, "Louis? What are you doing? Ransacking my kitchen?"

He gulped down the chips and replied, "Why wouldn't I? You plundered my entire pizza last night!" He put up a sad face.

I protested, "Ok, that was not my fault. All of a sudden, I was just soo.. friggin hungry!"

He stuffed his mouth with a large slice of bread and said, "And I know just why. I did a google search on why my pregnant girlfriend is so hungry, and now I know." 

I didn't believe him. 

So he reached over to his tablet and read aloud, "Pregnancy: Symptom No.1- Food Cravings. One of the main symptoms of pregnancy is food cravings. Pregnant women tend to yearn for more food than their normal amount of intake."

Wait. This is so awkward

I went over the kitchen counter to look over to his tablet, just so I know that he is not just making things up. I followed him as he kept reading."It is best to eat a lot of protein-filled food items for the healthy growth of the baby." He looked over to me and commented, "See? You should seriously know this stuff by now, Nat. Let's keep reading." He coughed to clear his voice.

Just then, I spotted it. 'Boobs'. 'Breasts'. These words filled up the entire paragraph of Pregnancy: Symptom No.2. I widened my eyes. Louis started, "Ok. Where was I…oh. Got it! Pregnancy: Symp-" 

I grabbed the tablet and snapped at him. "Ok. Too much knowledge for one morning, right? I almost feel like Einstein. Haha." I switched the tablet off and threw it on the couch.

Louis seemed blown away. "Oh. Ok then." He sat up and tried to look interested. "So Natalie, when are we becoming three from two?"

I laughed. "Wow. That is a very unique way for putting it up. And no, how the hell am I supposed to know that?"

Louis pursued. "Well, your gynecologist must have given you a due-date."

I was astonished. "Firstly, I just hate doctors. Secondly, why are you so interested all of a sudden? And thirdly, I don't have a gynecologist for myself."

He put out his points in a sequential order. "Firstly, everyone hates doctors. It's human nature. Secondly, I'm interested because I love you." Aww. So sweet of him." And thirdly, what the hell, Natalie? You are supposed to have a gynecologist!"

I didn't get it. "Hey! Don't talk to me like that! I didn't know it's compulsory to consult a doctor."

Louis shook his head in dismay. Then suddenly, he got up, walked to me and kissed me. "You stupid girl, I love you."

I smiled. 

But Louis wasn't finished. "Come on now, we've got to get you a gynecologist before you kill this poor baby!"


Louis' POV

Finally, I found Dr. Court's room in the massive hospital. She was apparently the best gynecologist in the city. 

I took Natalie's hand, who was shaking like a leaf. I smiled and squeezed her hand. "You'll be fine."

I opened the door. "Dr. Court?"

She looked up, revealing a face of age and experience. She was a middle-aged women, with auburn curls. "Aah yes. Please come in!"

I walked in, Natalie at my heels. Before I could introduce myself, Dr. Court said,"Lemme guess. You.." she pointed a finger at me,"you are Louis from One Direction, right?"

I grinned and nodded in approval. 

She laughed. "Oh god, my daughter is so mad about you guys. And now I know why." She eyed me.

This time, we all laughed. 

I and Natalie took our seats. I said, "Umm.. Dr. Court, this is Natalie, my girlfriend." Sometimes, I do wish she was more than just that. 

Dr. Court banged her hand on the table. "Hold it. Are you the Natalie who sang Bitch Please?"

"Yes?" Natalie looked at me and shrugged.

"Oh wow. I just love that song. It raises me up." She smiled. "So, I take it that you're pregnant?"

Natalie replied, "Yes, I am."

"Ok. So, can you just stand up?"

Natalie stood up, took off much of her clothes which she had put on to hide her bump. As she stood there, her baby bump slightly larger in size than what I had last seen. 


Dr. Court studied her, touching her stomach at certain places. "Ok. I'm gonna have to take a couple of tests and some..women-to-women talk."

I knew that was my cue. "Yeah okay.. I'll wait this one out."

I got to leave, but Natalie took my hand and pulled it. She looked nervous.

I smiled. I kissed her hand and said, "It's okay. I'll be right outside the room. Or maybe I'll stick to the door and listen to your women-to-women talk."

She laughed. "As if." She pulled out her tongue. "Kiss my ass."

I smirked. "My pleasure." And I left.


It was about forever, give or take five, when Natalie finally came out. I stood up. She had a couple of papers in her hands. Her face was sulky, although I did expect her to be smiling. 

I triggered the conversation. "What did she say?"

She sat down on the bench. "That I'm gonna be taking more than just your pizza, from now on." She cried happily, "I'll be looting you!" 

I smiled."Enlighten me."

That's when her face hardened. "She told me I was almost killing the baby. She was all- 'You've gotta eat for two' and stuff. She handed me out all these veggies and stuff and said I'm gonna have to take them at least twice a day. Twice!" She banged her head against my shoulder.

I took the list from her. 

Oh God, it was a kid's nightmare

It was at least gallons of food items in it, enough to fill in a entire organic food department. At least, now I'm sure about the looting part.

I looked at Natalie who whispered, "She said I'm pretty weak for a mother-to-be." 

I tried to look surprised. "That's a mean thing to say to someone who 'raised her up'."

"I know right?"She focused. "I am weak, aren't I?"

I flinched my nose. "Yeah, a  little bit. Now giddy up. We've gotta get this stupid list done." I stood up and gave her a hand. "You with me?"

She pulled my hand and got up."Aye aye captain!"

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