The Messed Up Life Of Curly Burn

Curly is the only girl sybling in her family. Her mo and dad are mean and she is known as a bad girl for hurting her best friends feelings bad. What can she do? She knows life is horrible as it is now...... She has to escape. But where? The only option was the one and only Metropolitan Museum Of Art.


2. Family

 Curly opened the door and said to her brother Dean "Don't talk to me unless your willing to do my homework." She stomped her feet all the way to her room. She was not mad at Dean she was mad at herself. Why did she hurt Andrew? She did it by accident. How do I explain this to mom when she asks when Andrew and I are going camping. Before school starts each year Andrew and I go camping for three days. I think that is never going to happen ever again. Then she remembers she had family she could go camping with. She had Dean the smart one who always makes stupid factoids up. She had Justin who poops in his diaper all day... Yuck! She had Bill who hates to eat anything but fudgepops. She was the only girl child in her family. She got bosses around by a lot of people even Justin the baby! She had nobody. She had to escape somehow……

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