True Summer Love

Debra is a normal 17 year old from Texas who is visiting England for the very first time. Little does she know she is going to meet her soul mate.


2. So Beautiful


Debra's POV

As we drive, I turn on the radio. The song that is on doesn't surprise me. Story Of My Life. "I love this song." I smile and start to sing along. I look over at Harry and he flashes me his dimples. "Sing along Harry. Pleeeaassee?!"

"Okay fine!" We start to sing and as the song ends we come to a stop. "Here we are." I look up to see a big building. My car door opens as Harry helps me out of the car. Being my clumsy self I trip and almost fall out of the car. At that moment Harry caught me I see a flash from the corner of my eye. 

"Did you see that?" I turn my head to where the flashing came from and concentrate on that spot.

"What was it?" 

"A flash." I look at Harry.

"Oh that's just the paps. Don't worry they just took a picture." At that moment a guy with a camera comes up and starts taking pictures of us. "Could you please leave us alone?" Harry says to the man. 

"Who is this Harry? Is this your new girlfriend?" 

I look at the man. "No we're just friends. Didn't you hear Harry? Could you leave us alone?" 

"Aw come on Doll give me a big smile!" He grabs my arm and I yelp. Harry grabs the guys' shirt collar.

 "Don't touch her like that. Don't ever touch my friend like that again!" 

"Harry let him go! It's not worth it!" I grab his arms and pull him off the scum bag. I grab his face and make him look at my face. "Calm down. I'm fine, alright?" He breathes in and nods. I grab his hand and pull him away from the pap. "Are you okay?" I look at Harry with concern.

"Yeah I'm fine I just didn't like how he made you yelp, that's all." 

"I'm okay. It just caught me off guard." He nods. "Now tell me where we're at chauffeur." I nudge him and give him a smile.

"Well we are at the O2." 

"So beautiful." I smile and bask in its beauty. I look up and see that Harry is staring at me. "What?"

"Nothing. You're just fascinated by this, aren't you?"

"Well of course. This is my first time visiting England. Why wouldn't I be fascinated? It's lovely here." We walk around and we come across a playground with a basketball court. "Oh I would love to play some basketball right now."

"You play basketball?" Harry looks at me with amazement.

"Well of course! I play on my school's varsity team. Best defender my coach has ever seen!" I assure him. He smiles. 

"Well if you want to play we can go to Niall's house and ask if we can use some shorts and shirts to play right now. What do you say?" I smile at his niceness.

"You really wanna get schooled by a girl Styles?" 

"I think you will be the one that gets schooled Deb. Just saying you don't wanna go up against me."
"Ooh I'm so scared! Look I'm shaking!" I laugh and start to punch Harry lightly on the arm. "Alright Styles. Me and you. One on one. Let's go!" We run to the car and speed off to Niall's house.



****Author's Note****

Hope y'all are enjoying this fanfic! I sure am having fun writing it! Leave feedback in the comments below! Thanks <3

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