True Summer Love

Debra is a normal 17 year old from Texas who is visiting England for the very first time. Little does she know she is going to meet her soul mate.


1. First Day


Debra's POV

"Um , could I have a latte? Thank you." I pay and take a seat while I wait for my beverage. I take my IPhone out and text my best friend back.

"No problem I'm just going to get my latte and go sight seeing. What about you?" I hit send and as I look up this guy is sitting next to me. He smiles and says, "Hello there." I smile back.

"Hi." I look around and just sit there. They call my name out so I can go get my drink. I hand the cashier a tip and say thanks. As I start turning around I bump into someone and spill my drink all over us. I look down to see my wet clothes. "I am so sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going!" 

"No problem love. It's okay." I look up and recognize him immediately. His curly hair, the emerald green eyes, the dimples. It's clearly Harry Styles. "Here." He hands me 20 pounds and smiles. 

"What's this for?" I look at him with curiosity in my eyes. 

"For the coffee silly." 

"Oh no thank you. I don't take money that I didn't earn." He looked at me and smiled.

"Trust me I have enough money to go around." 

'But I don't want your money." I hand it back to him and turn around to order another coffee. "Yes could I have another latte? Here's the money."

"Okay and what's your name?" The cashier asks.

"Debra Arredondo." She writes it on the cup. "Thank you." I smile at her and turn around. Harry is still there. I go sit and wait for coffee patiently. Harry walks towards me and sits in the chair across from me. 

"I really am sorry about your coffee and your clothes." He has this look on his face that's a mix of sorry and regret.

I sigh. "It's okay it's not like you did it on purpose." I smile and hear my name being called. I walk over to the counter and pick up my coffee. I make sure no one is behind me. 

"At least let my buy you new clothes." Harry says.

"No really I'm fine but thank you anyways. " I pat him on the shoulder as a "Thank you anyways" gesture and walk out. I hear the door to Starbucks open. 

"Debra is a pretty name." I turn around and smile.

"Thanks. What's your name?" 

He seemed a little hurt. "Harry. Harry Styles. How could you not know me?" 

I walk towards him."Oh I knew who you were. I just wanted to know who YOU are." He gave me a questioning look. I start to walk away. 

"Wait!" I turn around. "Where are you going now?" 

"I'm going to change and then sight see. Why?"

He opens a car door. "Need a lift?" He smiles.

"Thank you but no thank you."
"Please?" He gives me the puppy dog eyes. 

"Okay since you've insisted." I was about to get in but I soon realize that I'm still wet. "Um Harry what about my clothes? I'm still wet and I don't wanna get your car wet." He walks to the back of the car and pulls out a towel. Harry lays it on the seat and gestures for me to sit on it. I smile and sit. He closes to the door behind me and gets in himself. I start to shiver and Harry turns the heater on blast. 

"Does that feel better?" I nod and laugh. "So where are you staying?"

"In the Queensborough." 

"Oh I know where that's at." We speed off and in know time we're at my hotel. 

"Thank you for the lift Harry. I really appreciate it." I smile at him and close the door. I start to walk away from the car and into the lobby. I hit the elevator and rise up to the fifth floor. I get to my room and search for my key. Wallet. Home keys. Makeup. Where did I put the hotel key? Oh wait it's in my back pocket. I dig in my back pockets but still no key. Please tell me I didn't leave it in Harry's car! I race back down to the lobby and when the elevator door opened there was Harry standing there with my room key. I smile with embarrassment and take the key from his large hands. "Thank you Harry." 
"Anytime Debra. What are you gonna do after you change?"
"Well it's my first day in London so I'm gonna sight see."

"Need a chauffeur?" He smiles and his dimple pops out.

"Probably but you don't need..."
"Nonsense. I don't think you wanna get lost in London."

"Okay Harry. Let me just change. Do you wanna wait here or come up to the room?" He had a weird look on his face.

"I'll go up to the room with you."

"Okay, let's go." We talk during the elevator ride.

"So let me guess you're from Texas."

"How did you know that?"

"I know accents and you have one."

"Well yeah but I'm Latina."

"Interesting." We get to the fifth floor and walk to my room. 
"Come on in Harry." I grab a few clothes and walk to the bathroom. 

"You can change in here Debra. I don't mind at all." He smiles and his dimple shows.

"No I'm fine in the bathroom thank you Harry."

"No problem." I walk out the bathroom and I'm ready to roll but it looks like a certain Harry fell asleep on the bed. I decide to mess with him.

"Ohh Hharryy. Waaake uuup." I shake him a bit but still nothing. "Does a certain someone need a kiss to wake him up?" He nods and I smile. "Okay here come my lips." I make my hand into a pair of lips and smush it on his. He shoots up and smiles. 

"That was not a kiss."

"Well duh!" I grab his arm and pull him up so we can go. We get to the car and he says. 

"So where do you wanna go?" 

"To famous places. You choose cause I'm the tourist." He smiles and drives off.

"First day in London and you have already met The Harry Styles."

I look at him. "Um no I met Harry. Not The Harry Styles. I'm glad that I met Harry first." I smile at him.

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