The New Years Party (BajanCanadian/TeamCrafted FanFic)

This is my first ever fanfiction, so please don't judge me if I have done anything wrong. It is going to get graphic, but I hope that is okay...xD It's about a girl who wins a trip to come live with TeamCrafted for an undecided amount of time. She quickly finds out that she is really into Mitch or BajanCanadian. If you are thinking about doing something similar send me a message or leave me a comment to go read it, i really need new stuff to read!Hope you like it. It would mean a lot to me if you leave a comment, telling me if you want more..;)
Thanks guys.


14. Moving too fast

Mitch's p.o.v.

Karline, the boys and I have been watching some tv for about an hour. Karoline is snuggled up next to me and she is yawning like crazy. I think it's time to go to bed. “Should we go to my room and get some sleep,” I whisper into her ear. “Yeah,” she yawns; “But I don't want to get up,” she pouts. “Well that's too bad,” I smile at her and put one of my arms under her knees and one around her back. “We're going to go to bed,” I tell the boys, who just nods and look back at the tv. I pick Karoline up and get some weird looks from Jerome, Jason and Adam, but the others seem to just go with it. She puts her cheek agianst my chest and chukle a bit. I start walking up the stairs to my room. When we get there I put her down on my bed and lie besides her. “I have to get up and change,” she says to me. “You have to go all the way downstairs to get your stuff. Are you sure you wanna do that?” I ask her with a smile. “I have to do it,” she says as she sits up. She stretches and start walking towards the door. When she closes the door I get up and walk to my bathroom and start brushing my teeth. Maybe we could move her stuff up here. My room is bigger and I reckon we are gonna keep sleep in the same bed. She gets back with a small pile of clothes with and a tiny bag. I guess her tooth brush is in there. She walks to the bathroom and starts brushing her teeth. When I'm done doing the same thing I walk over to my bed and pull of my shirt and pants. Don't get me wrong, it was nice sleeping next to Karoline yesterday, but it isn't really that comfortable sleeping wih all of your clothes on. She smiles at me and close the door to the bathroom. She is going to change I guess. I throw myself down on the right side of the bed and wait for her to get back.

She finally gets out of the bathroom and turns off the light in my room on the way over to me in the bed. She is wearing a pair of black hotpants and a baggy white t-shirt, with a green print “Are you ready to sleep now babe?” I ask her with a smile on my face. She smirks and says; “Not yet honey.”


Karoline's p.o.v.

My heart beats like crazy as I smirk at Mitch. When I get over to him in the bed, I crawl on top of him and put my lips on his. He seems a bit surprised, but after a few seconds, he starts going with it. Our lips move in-sync and I breath in the sents of him with my nose. He seems to be enjoying it and like he wants more. I lick his bottom lip asking for entrance and he seems quite surprised, but I want to show him that I can take control and that I'm really into him. He lets me in, and this kiss develops, unlike the other, to a fight for power. Our toungs fight for dominance. His hands have been on my waist for the entire kiss, but now he runs them down and grab hungrily on my ass. I smirk through the kiss and let my hands travel as well. He giggles agianst my lips as I start running my cold hands over his abs. He gets goosebumbs when I start distributing the coldness from my hands to his stomach. He is only wearing his boxers and I'm in some really short shorts and a baggy t-shirt. His hands move from my ass to the rim of my shirt. He start moving it up and reveals first my stomach, then my breasts. He breaks the kiss and removes my shirt entirely. He looks at me with lust in his eyes. In my mind we are doing this to early, so I lean down and peck his lips. “Honey?” I ask him. “Yeah,” he murmurs, still looking at my breasts. “I think we should save this for another day,” I scrach my the back of my neck. “What ever you want biggums,” he says as he hands me my t-shirt. I put it back on and lay down beside him. He puts his arms around me and my head is on his chest. we both fall asleep quickly.

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