The New Years Party (BajanCanadian/TeamCrafted FanFic)

This is my first ever fanfiction, so please don't judge me if I have done anything wrong. It is going to get graphic, but I hope that is okay...xD It's about a girl who wins a trip to come live with TeamCrafted for an undecided amount of time. She quickly finds out that she is really into Mitch or BajanCanadian. If you are thinking about doing something similar send me a message or leave me a comment to go read it, i really need new stuff to read!Hope you like it. It would mean a lot to me if you leave a comment, telling me if you want more..;)
Thanks guys.


34. Fangirl much?

Karoline’s p.o.v.

   There is something about the way Mitch looks at me that makes my insides melt. He is talking to Jerome and I’m leaning against the doorframe to the second mentioned’s room. Louise had gone into the city together with Ashley and some of the boys. The first thing Jerome said to us when we came out of our room this morning; was that it had sounded like a good one. He didn’t specify what he meant by that - it could have been the fireworks last night, the new year or the orgasm I made Mitch have this morning. I’m thinking the last one is most likely though. The boys were talking about their recording schedule when they both were going home to their families. I don’t know when I’m going home and I don’t want to ask. This is the most fun I’ve ever had and there is no way that I’m going to give it up already.
   My head is pounding because of the party last night and I know Mitch feels just as bad - we both got pretty drunk. I stop leaning against the doorframe and lay down on Jerome’s bed.
“Hey - that’s my relax place!” Jerome says in a determent voice before lying down on top of me. From above we looked like a cross, but not for long. It didn’t take me long to get him of me. He then proceeded to push me so much I actually fell of the bed. My head and the rest of my body hit the ground, all while Mitch was just watching us - he quickly came to my help when I fell off though.
“Aw Jerome - that hurt!” I whined while taking Mitch’s hand and letting him help me get up. I pouted at Jerome and left with my arms crossed.


Mitch’s p.o.v.

   I’m struggling with keeping in my laughter and lay down next to Jerome on his bed.
“She isn’t really mad, is she?” Jerome asks me with a concerned look plastered onto his face.
“Of course she isn’t biggums! She’s just acting,” I answer him, now unable to keep in my laughter. His concerned look changes to a laugh and we laugh together.

“Do you want to go find her?” I ask him after a couple moments of just laughing. I can’t handle not being near her and my feet are almost taking over the control to go and find her.
“She attracts you just like a magnet,” Jerome comments as he gets up from his bed. I smile at him and nod - it’s true.

“It’s because I love her, I think. Or maybe she’s magnetic and I’m a very lifelike robot.” Jerome laughs as we walk out into the hall way. I open the door into Karoline and I’s room and find her on her laptop giggling like crazy. She looks up and motion for us to come over. I see another girl on the screen and she has a smile just as big as Karoline’s on her face.
“Hi guys,” she says - “This is Louise - my best friend from Denmark.”
“That’s funny - I have a girlfriend with that name,” he smiles and Louise starts fangirling.
“You don’t need to say stuff like that - I already know.” she giggles like crazy and for a second I’m happy that she wasn’t the one who won the competition. Karoline is much more calm and if she usually fangirls with Louise she is really good at hiding how she feels. I sit down next to Karoline.
“You can’t just leave us like that,” I whisper in her ear and kiss her on her neck. When I look back at the screen Louise is waving her hands in front of her face like someone who’s way too hot. She looks like she is about to say something, but is struggling to get the words over her lips, but finally manages to say: “Dating?” Karoline’s face lights up and she nods with her face which shows pure happiness. I can’t help but lean in and kiss her - just because I don’t care about anything other than her being happy and it’s just even better that I’m the one making her so happy.

Jerome left 20 minutes ago and Karoline ended her Skype conversation with Louise just now.
“I’m sorry you had to meet her like that, but I couldn’t make her calm down - she is the biggest fangirl I know! I hope it wasn’t too bad.” I can see she is embarrassed because of her friend’s behavior, but I just find it cute.

“No reason to apologize biggums - I find it cute that she was so happy for us and that she, as well as you, watch my videos.

“I love you Mitch,” she says and hugs me. 

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