The boy

When Bella moves to a new street she meets a boy and his girlfriend walking down the street. Her mom convinces her to make friends. What will happen when she falls in love with the boy? Finding out he lives on her new little street? What will happen if his girlfriend Tammy finds out!?


3. home

Bella's pov.

Walking home is boring! But, I hear footprints. I turn around to see the curly haired boy- ( sorry the don't like changed! )- he was walking with the girl from lunch. I heard them talking.

" look babe I know u think I like that new girl but your the one!". " Ok I believe you! ". She kissed his cheek and left. I looked behind me and saw him staring at me. We both stopped walking.

" hi. ". We had a little conversation on the sidewalk. I found out his name was harry his girlfriend is Tammy and his middle name is Edward. The entire time we walked together we talked. Then I said goodbye going into my house. I looked at him. He lived across the street!!

Harry's pov.

" my conversation with Bella was amazing! ". I said to my mum. She didn't say anything. I love talking to her she is amazing and she is also a very kind girl. Thinking about Tammy I stopped thinking about Bella.

My phone chimed. It was from Bella. We had exchanged phone numbers on the walk home.

From: Beellaa

U doing anything tomorrow after school? :)

To: Beellaa

No. Why?

From: Beellaa

I wanna hang out. So were up for tomorrow?

To: Beellaa

Sure. Ttyl

I changed. And went to do homework.

A/N Hey guys sorry the chapter was so short! Plz comment if I should update! I'm really tired but I'm trying to write this more! Plz like favorite or become a fan! And plz read my other book trapped in love. I haven't finished it but it's pretty good! THX!!

- Candypuppy55

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