The boy

When Bella moves to a new street she meets a boy and his girlfriend walking down the street. Her mom convinces her to make friends. What will happen when she falls in love with the boy? Finding out he lives on her new little street? What will happen if his girlfriend Tammy finds out!?


5. After Starbucks/ A/N

Harry's pov.

After Starbucks I went home and changed. When my phone chimed.


Hey! Can I come over?😜


Sure. But why?


I just have nothing to do let me change and I'll be right over!

~ End of texting ~

I heard a knock on the door right after I turned my phone off.

A/N hey guys I think I'm deleting this movella. So if you don't think I should plz comment down below what you think I should do. If you want to take over this movella plz email me or something. thx!

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