Niall's sister

Niall comes back for a month to take a Break from the tour to visit his sister and to take her on tour as well


2. they are back

Shannon's pov

I pulled up to the drive way and there was a big van once I parked my car I got out and kaylyn got her stuff out the car we walked up to the door and I unlocked it and opened the door I shouted to my mum saying "MUM ME AND KAYLYNS BACK WE WILL BE IN MY ROOM IF YOU NEED ANYTHING" she shouted back "OK SUPPER WILL BE READY IN 10 minutes". We walked up stairs and when in my room and five boys where in the room and it was one direction I screamed at the top of my lungs " NIALL YOUR HOME".

Niall's pov

My sister walked in her room and she screamed "NIALL YOUR HOME" we all jumped and she ran up to me and gave me a hugs and she crushed me. I said to her " you are so freaking strong" and all the boys laughed at me. There was a girl at the door and i started to speak to her saying

N- hi I am Niall Horan what's your name

K- hiya my name is Kaylyn Mcgee who are the the other boys

S- boys why don't you tell her who you are instead of me telling her

Z- hello kaylyn my name zayn

Li- I am Liam nice to meet

Lou-I am louis

H- I am harry

K- well nice meeting you all and can the party be tomorrow now that the boys are her and me and you can go shopping?

S- yes we can have the party at 5pm so we have a lot of time and Niall i got the car by my self I get a lot of money from the job I have got

N- what's your job?

S- I am a model

Niall's pov

She is a freaking model when did that happen oh well I am a singer so I am not Jealous " what party are you's on about?" Shannon replied" we have party's every week at are house are you boys in" Harry said "hell yeah". All she changed is her hair colour

Louis pov :)

Shannon is so hot wait what am I saying maybe I will ask her out on Thursday I found out she is a model and she dose boxing I don't want to get on her bad side at all


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