Niall's sister

Niall comes back for a month to take a Break from the tour to visit his sister and to take her on tour as well


1. I can't wait

Hi I'm Shannon Horan I am a 18 year old girl and I am popular my big brother is famous he is in a band called one direction. Yes Niall he is not at home all the time but he is the best big bro ever. I was popular before Niall was in a band me and Niall tell each other every thing I love basket ball , boxing , sinning and I like to play guitar I can get upset and mad easily.And I have really light blonde hair bcuz I dyed it my normal colour is brown --

Shannon's pov :)

I was on my iPhone 5 texting Kaylyn my best friend (k- kaylyn s-Shannon in a lazy mood to day )

K- hi what you up to

S- hiya getting ready for basket ball and do you want to come for a sleep over to night because you will not be aloud on Wednesday because Niall is coming home I am so excited

K- i will come for the sleep over and when am I getting to meet your brother

S- I will pick you up in an hour and a half and Thursday and that is when the party is when I got to go now so I don't want be late bye

K- bye have fun see u later

I ran down the stairs and told my mum where I was going and gone to my car it's a Ferrari model 458 Italia I am a model that is how I got the car but Niall dose not know i am a model and my mum and dad knows about it

Nialls pov :)

The plane just landed and I am going home I can't want to see my little sister I still don't know how she got a Ferrari and no one helped her pay for it she is so lucky. But she dose not know I am here yet it is a surprise I asked are mum if I could pick her up from basket ball but she said she has a friend staying over the night.

Louis pov :)

Niall had a very boring talk about going out with his sister but his mum said she changed Niall was shocked at first but he did not care he was getting to see his sister. She sounds pretty and I wonder if she as a boyfriend hmmm Niall is driving he is normally asking for food he must be starving by now

*an hour and a half

Shannon's pov :)

I just pulled up at kaylyns house texted her telling her I was out side her house she ran out and her mouth drop when she seen the car she got in the car and we went back to my house .

Kaylyns pov

I got out of my house I was really shocked she can get cars like that bit I remember her brother Niall Horan me and shannon where messing about but when we got to her house there was a big van


Hey it's the author here

It's my first book so I do and try and get updates when I can like comment fav if you want a bit in the book just comment if you want there are zayn a girlfriend Harry's, Liam Shannon's best friend Niall's bestfriends

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