Niall's sister

Niall comes back for a month to take a Break from the tour to visit his sister and to take her on tour as well


3. getting the party ready

* two hours later*

Shannon's pov

Me and kaylyn started texting every one at are school about the party when we where done it was about 9 o'clock so we decided to go to bed.

Niall pov

Me and the boys told the girls that we would get the food for the party so that the girls did not need to do every thing after we came back from the shop we gone up stairs to find the girls fast a sleep. We went to are beds to bcuz it was a busy day tomorrow we all said good night to each other .

*the next day*

Kaylyn pov

I woke up at 7 in the morning so I got Shannon up to and there where two bathroom so both of us gone to take a shower. When we where both done it was around about half seven so we gone and made pancakes, bacon and eggs then all of the boys ran down the stairs and in to the kitchen. To eat when every one was done we made Niall wash the dishes and harry to dry them and zayn to put them away we stayed to know if they did it and them we left to go shopping

At the mall around about 8 o'clock

Shannon's pov

Me and Kaylyn went to new look and I got skinny black Jeans, a white vest top, wide fit black bow ballet shoes, earrings, rings, necklace and a black hair band with a bow on it.

Kaylyn got blue skinny jeans, black top with bitch wrote on it, blue ballet shoes,rings, necklace and earrings

After we where done we went to McDonalds for a take a way we got some for the boys as well then went home with every thing.

**at home **

Boys lunch is here

Niall : yay I am starving

Me: here you go

Kaylyn : you's did good

** 5 pm **


Hey sorry I have not updated it until now because my mum takes my iPod so I can't update this store much

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