Good Girls Go Bad

I'm good, He's bad. I'm innocent, He's experienced. He's fire, I'm ice. He's harry and I'm Madison. Most people say opposites attract... But does it really? He's likes it 'When good girls go bad' but I know he just wants in my pants. Maybe I would too if he wasn't my soon to be step-brother.

Btw this is going to be dirty so if you don't like that don't read it


2. Chapter 2



"Who did you just wink at?" Kayla asks and turns her head to see
Who it was. "Oh. Harry." She says and frowns. Harry. That's a nice name, it fits his appearance with the hair and all. 

"Yeah. What's so wrong with him?"I ask 
" I don't have anything against the boy, really it's just he's not the kindest crayon in the box. He just is a player, jerk, he's bad. If I were you is try to keep my distance." What could be so bad? He doesn't look as bad as she is making it seem, but I think everyone's nice until you give them a chance. 

"Oh." We eat our lunch and talk. I learned we have a lot in common. We both hate the rule about the uniform dress code, we both enjoy reading, and we are into politics. Of course the politics are different here than in Florida. I miss Florida and all of my friends. 

Kayla walks me back to my 5th period. Is what she said about harry true should I keep my distance? Is he really bad? I'll at least give him a chance. I say goodbye to Kayla and walk back in the room and take my seat.

 Harry isn't here by the time the bell rings. Mrs frank announces "Ok this is your advisory time you may do homework, study, listen to music and get on your phone just make sure your quite and respectful to the others around you. I didn't know if this school had advisory or not. I love advisory it's just like a study hall. I don't have much homework to do and what's the point in doing it at school when it's intended to be done at home. I pull out my phone and put my headphones in my ears and silently hum along to the music on my playlist while doodling on my note pad. 3 songs passed by until someone pulled out the ear bud. I looked up and it was harry. He was sitting in his seat next to me holding my ear bud in his hand and looking at me. "What's that, that your drawing?" He smiles

"I'm not drawing and thing in particular, just doodling." I say and return the smile. Why would Kayla say he's mean and keep my distance. He's nice. 

"Your not very good at it." He says. I guess I spoke to soon. 

"Your kidding right? I think I'm  pretty good and so does the whole state of Florida." I competed in a drawing competition with people from ages 15-25 I'm 16 almost 17 and I won. I'd say I'm pretty good. 

"Your not in Florida any more. And no I wasn't kidding." He says and I roll my eyes at him and took my ear bud out if his hand and and put it back in my ear. I continued to draw. Maybe Kayla was right he his rude but I don't see why I should keep my distance. Maybe because I don't know him. I noticed he was staring at me, not just glancing every now and then but full on staring at me. I'm insecure and I don't like when people look at me. 

I pull out one if my ear buds and say. "Perhaps you'd like to take a picture or maybe even draw a picture of me." I say feeling pretty proud. 

"Damn. Don't need to have an attitude." He says and takes a surprise picture of me. 

"You better delete that picture." 

"Nah. I'm good, I think I'll set it as my wall paper." I think he's trying to piss me off. 

"Whatever." I roll my eyes, and put my note pad away. So I can just enjoy listening to my music before the bell rings. I start quietly humming  to the song making sure not to disturb anyone I know only the people right next to me can hear. 

Harry pulls the ear bud out once again. He puts his lips to my ear. It send electricity through my body and my hands start to sweat as his light stubble tickles me ear. "You can't sing either." That feelings gone. Who does he think he is? I might not have the best voice I know but he doesn't have to call me out on it. 

"What's your problem?" 

"You." He says as the bell rings and he gets up and walks away. I gather my thing and exit the class room. What the hell was that suppose to mean? I'm his problem. That make just as much sense as his tattoos. He irks me. I walk to my 6th period and noting special happens I didn't really make any friends. Not like I expected to anyways. 

Today's been a bad first day and I smiled knowing it's the last class. Child guidance. I hope they haven't done the thing where they take care of the baby dolls pretending they are real. At my old school we were just about to start that but then when we came back from the break but I moved. I walked into the classroom before the bell. I didn't struggle finding this class. I handed her my pass and schedule and she told me to take a seat where she pointed. I did just that. 

Mrs. Anderson gave me 4 papers that I had to fill out for this class. I got out a black pen and began to fill them out when someone tapped my shoulder and said. "Hey, you're sitting in my seat." I looked up at the mop of curls on the boys head. It's was harry. 

"No. The teacher told me to sit here." 

"Fine. The lady gets what the lady wants." Harry says and sits next to me. I started to fill out my papers again when someone came up to harry and said. 

"Hey dick, get out of my seat." The boy said. Oh. I didn't mean to cause this much trouble. I began to get up but harry pulled me back down by the arm. Okay

"Go sit somewhere else." Harry said and gave him a death glare. The boy flipped harry off he went off to sit next to some bimbo blonde. Harry still had a grip on my arm and I jerked it away. He just looked at me, Déjà vu. That class went by fast and I texted my father to make sure he was here to pick me up. As I got into his car I saw Harry looking at me. 

"Ugh!!" I groaned loudly. 

"Who pissed you off?" my father 

"Nobody."I sigh. The car ride was quite and long. Really we only live 5 minutes from the school but it felt like forever. I went up the stairs and to my room and slammed the door and plugged my phone into my speakers and began on my homework. 3 hours later my father knocked on my door and came in. He told me dinner was ready. I told him I will be down in a few. I turned my music off and went down stairs. 

My fathers not that great of a cook that's why we have a chef named Pablo. Pablo made grilled chicken, rice and steamed veggies. Once we finished eating dad got a call from Anne while I helped Pablo clean up. Me and Pablo get along really well. 

10 minutes later my father came down the stairs smiling. I love to see him happy and I love knowing Anne makes him happy. I just tried to show it. 

"Great news Madison! Anne is coming over tomorrow night for dinner and her son is coming!" 

"Yay! I can't wait!!" I say sarcastically 

"That's exactly what Anne son said." 

"Good for him." I'm still pissed at Harry bringing my mood down. I would usually be much happier for him, but not today. 

"You know he does go to your school she's a senior. You two be friends!" He says. I'm a junior 

"Sorry, but I'm not interested in being friends with Anne's son." 

"He could be your step brother one day." I nearly collapsed on the floor right here right now taking Pablo down with me. 

"That's cool but I'm still not interested!" I say and go upstairs to get a shower. And go to sleep until the next day that I have to see Harry again. 

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