My everything

Hi my name is Ella I am 19 years old and I am close friends with Harry styles. Not the famous harry styles who travels the world with his band one direction, but the harry styles I have known since I was In nappies. The Harry styles who make a complete fool of himself. The Harry styles who I am deeply in love with.


2. on the road

I walked onto the massive tour bus. The boys where all gathered around the tv. Louis and zayn were of course playing on there ps4, Niall was strumming on guitar and Liam was talking to everyone and laughing and just being Liam. "hi love" Liam said standing up and giving me a big hug."hi, how are you" I asked." great" louis said cheekily butting into a our conversation ."hi louis" I said exaggerating my words.

The rest of the boys welcomed me in there own individual ways then harry showed me to my room. I had been in the tour bus but never stayed. I followed harry up the small set of stairs and and into a room . The room was huge with a king sized bed and had a massive flat screen tv. It was nicer then my room at home. " un pack your stuff and then join us down stairs, we plan on playing a mean game of scrabble" Harry said. I laughed and nodded my head. Harry walked out As I stared to un pack my bags. After I had finished I seen a door out the corner of my eye. I walked over and peeped my head around the door. It was my own bathroom, i guess harry thought about my privacy. I walked out and down the stairs to see the boys all sat on the floor with a scrabble board. I sat down next to harry. He wrapped his arm around me. He is so cute I looked up into his emerald green eyes. He was looking into mine. He was perfect. " Harry it your move" said Niall interrupting the moment.

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